Monday, December 26, 2011

Did everyone survive Christmas?

       Good morning blogger buddy's! Did we all survive  Christmas? Did everyone enjoy being with your family's? Are you all glad that it's over? I am! I'm tired! I'm ready for a vacation, preferably alone! Just kidding... kinda.

       In all honesty Christmas was good and everyone got along but I am tired and I am glad it's over. With this freaky weather we've been having here in Indiana it doesn't feel like Christmas. Just wait it'll wait til school starts back up and then snow like hell, I know it will! Really.

      Have you ever noticed that when your in a hurry that's when the person in front of  you will drive below the speed limit? Or you'll be stuck behind a tractor which is hauling hay? Or you have to stop and get gas and when you go in to pay for it the person in front of you is buying lottery tickets and the person can't make up their minds which ones they want? I'm just saying, not complaining. Really.

        I have a favor to ask of all of you, and don't feel like you have to do it or anything, I won't love you any less if you don't want to. OK here's  the favor I started a new blog about gardening and I was wondering if you would mind going over to it and then letting me know what you think?  It's not completely done yet, there's some more pages I want to add yet, but you know just tell me what you think of it so far.  I don't know if I have any right to ask you to do this but I would appreciate it. here's the link, In In My Garden
          I'm going to get off here and make some more coffee, talk to you later, until then....


FoxyMoron said...

We had a lovely Christmas, I just haven't blogged about it yet but I will.
I visited your garden blog, I love it, I'll be a regular.


I had a great great Christmas..and will check out the garden.