Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gloria's got Pneumonia

          It's been an exhausting night and day! We ended up taking Gloria to the ER last night and they ended up admitting her until they could get her oxygen levels back up, once again she has pneumonia even though she had pneumonia shot last year and a flu one this year. Apparently because her lungs aren't shaped right from years of having  asthma (their more oval,instead of round) it's easier for her to get sick. Also since she's running a fever she can't have her shot for her arthritis because it already lowers the immune system and when your sick it lowers it more and/or keeps you sicker longer. Great. So more pain, my poor baby can't catch a break. She would never want anyone to feel sorry for her, she is a strong girl! Gloria has over come so much in her 15 years ! She's dyslexic  and her brain doesn't absorb the written word(so the test say) they said she would never read. She taught herself to read because she wanted to read twilight like all her friends, she can memorize like you would not believe! She's very smart with a high IQ it's just the reading thing, she has to work twice as hard as her siblings, but I want you to know she reads all the time! It's been a really bad year for her, I gotta believe next year will be better. I'm babbling because I'm so tired. You know you never get use to seeing your child struggle for air. If you have the time could you say a prayer for her, light a candle and send her some healing energy and light.

           Today is my son Jon's birthday, he's twenty-five. We're doing his birthday 'party' tomorrow, and you know he could careless. He never really asks for anything, once in awhile a new Mario video game, art supply's, he'll eat  the cake and ice cream maybe open his presents then he'll want to get away from everyone. He doesn't like a lot of people around him, not even family. My son is Autistic,
he has Asperger's so he's forever an 8 to 10 year old. Sigh. It's not always easy to be his mom ya know? I love him, I do it's hard knowing there's nothing you can do to make him better, to have him have a normal life, whatever that is.

           Do you ever wonder why things happen to us in life? Why it has to be so hard sometimes? I don't know if reincarnation is real or not, mostly I think it is, and I wonder what the F__K my past life did to bring all this shit upon this life! I just want to smack her! And sometimes I want to yell at the Universe "Enough with the lesson's for a while! I NEED A BREAK" Oh listen to me having a pity party! Geez I need to just get over it. Sometimes life sucks, I know. And normally I don't feel sorry for myself just having a moment I guess, sorry to put you through all this.

           I did have something really sweet happen today, I got a beautiful, hand made ornament from one of my friends in the Goddess Circle. Her name is Adrienne Fincher, and she made it by hand,it's these beautiful crystals that are clear and almost look like  stained glass. I like it so much that I'm going to hang it in my room so the sun will shine through it and make me smile.

        I had better go, I've babbled your ears off enough, I'll talk to you latter. Until next time.........   



not babbling at all..your worried about your kid..and this every mother understands..my daughter who is 38 has asthma and can remember more than once standing in the ER wondering if she was going to be ok...like you said..watching your kid struggle to breathe is terrifying...but...you get thru it..your scared, your tired your frayed to the last nerve...but ..you'll get thru it..you have no choice..but always know...your loved..and your love doesn't go unnoticed..even by your son..

FoxyMoron said...

I am so sorry to hear about Gloria, Nat, hope she's feeling better soon poor kid.
And sorry about Jon too, your kids are lucky to have you for their mum.
We always worry about our kids, always will.
And I was feeling a bit sorry for my situation with Em till I read your post. I have nothing to complain about.
Hope you can get some rest too.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Honey, you can lean on my shoulder any time.
That's what us bloggers do best. Support each other. :0)
We all needed to express ourselves in one form or another or we wouldn't be here.
Talking HELPS. I shit you not!


Dragonfly said...

I hope your daughter feels well soon and your soon enjoyed his birthday in what ever way made him happy.

I wish you all a wonderful Yule

J x

Susan said...

Natalie, I am soooo in your shoes OFTEN. People who know us say "murphy's law was written about you guys"
I am always asking what i did to bring on all the bad shit!

I am also a life long asthmatic (born with it) and my parents almost lost me twice to double bronchial Pneumonia before I was 2. Of course medicine has come a long way since then.
I would like your person to add Gloria to my nightly health candle burnings. I would also like to add you.

Please come visit my yule magic post. I think you will find my magical gift uplifting. and I have a giveaway!

Whine and vent anytime honey!
Many warm Blessings and happy Yule to you and yours!
love n Light,