Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Monday!

        Did you all have a good weekend? I know FoxyMoron did, I hope the rest of you all did too. I babysat my grandsons yesterday, my son in law John's mother had to have emergency surgery so they called and asked me to come over and watch them, I was happy to! Yay my grand babies all to myself! Let me tell you! My grandson Justice has ADD and he doesn't get his meds on weekends so that he will eat more and it's what the Doctor wants, and Jaxton is a year and a half, never stops moving! Don't get me wrong they are good boys, well mannered and behaved, just excited to have their Oma
there!  I went up and down those stairs at least a hundred times in the eight hours I was there! And those boys can eat! I feel for their parents when they hit the teen years! It would have been better if I had gotten more sleep before going there(Rick kept me up til four am, when do mens sex drive go down? TMI?). Still it was a lot of fun and a workout in one!
      OK I have learned my lessons friends no more recipes! Whenever I put one up I get no responses so OK no more. Except from FoxyMoron, thank you.
      No school today for the kids and I, thank you Martin Luther King! I'm planning on working on my homework and doing some in advanced that way if something happens this week(and when doesn't it?) I won't be scrambling to catch up. That's the plan we all know how that goes huh?
      Our snow is gone already, or will be by this afternoon, rain and in the 40's today. Rain the next few days:( I'd rather have snow. We've had a lot of rain this winter. I wish I could jump on a plane and go to Australia and go see FoxyMoron and bask in the warmth, I think we'd have a blast together, then to England to see my friend Pam, then go to see ishitunot, then off to see YellowDog Granny!  Now wouldn't that be a blast and expensive?! Well no more putting it off got to go study! No more hiding behind Bridget, back to reality! Until later!



I don't mind recipes..I've been off all weekend watching football games and trying to catch up on lost just getting around to reading blogs today..
you can come see me anytime..skunk eggs for everyone.

Leeanna said...

Natalie darlin, I have just Tagged you. So go to my blog
and look for the "Tagged, Who Me" entry and do that voodoo that you do,do so well. Have fun with it. Ta... Kiss, kiss...

P.S. Stop feeding those poor fish on your blog. They look like little fatties.

Leeanna said...

opps sorry. The rules for you are in red. I answered my questions that someone else gave me to answer right under the rules. Then the questions for you to answer are in purple with white letter's. Follow the rules in red, answer the questions in purple. If still unclear, just let it go. Don't worry, I'm not holding you to it darlin.

FoxyMoron said...

Well it's certainly warm here! You're welcome anytime. :)