Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's Only Hump Day?

       Hello friends, did you have a romantic Valentines Day? I hope you did, for me it was well same old same old. Rick had to work so we're going to celebrate on Saturday we have been married 15 years and together 19. I honestly can't believe we've been together that long. (Honestly when I met him I just wanted to have sex with him, he was sexy, didn't really care about a relationship)
     They make it sound so romantic to be totally different from each other- he is what I'm not blah, blah, blah. It's not so easy. Don't get me wrong I love my husband but sometimes, ya well I want to hit him over the head with my grandmothers iron skillet! Maybe that's why they don't make them any more you think?
      So we're going to go spend the night at a hotel just to spend some time a lone--no teenagers! Of course we can't leave the kids home alone so had to find place's for them to go Gloria I would have left here but she can't handle it yet emotionally, Brock would have fifty kids here and at the least trash the place, so nope babysitters they get!
       If you don't have a teenage daughter you probably don't know the new Twilight move came out Friday, I managed to put Gloria off (no way was I going to stand in line at midnight to get it). But by Monday she was driving me nuts so we went to good old Wall-Mart and got her the movie, some more pillow cases-I don't even want to know where their going to, I had to get some more jeans and this time just got some from there instead of buying costly ones that might not fit in another week. I lost eight more pounds last week, I have got to find a Doctor who will listen to me and get some blood work done.  Cause even I am tired of this!
       I am now almost the same size as high school, except my boobs which are still basically D's and they so were not in school! I would not care about the weight loss except my hair is falling out a lot, and frankly I think I look like shit! Oh I wanted to tell you I found this website they have a bra section that has every name brand you can think of and really good prices, which is awesome since it's hard to find Gloria's size 28D without going to Victoria's Secrete and spending 48.00 for one!
       Veronica thinks I'm depressed, nope not depressed. Tired, stressed, over worked, yep. Depressed no. Yes I get emotional some but you  try going without sleep for two or more days and see if you don't get emotional. I know myself, I know I don't deal well without sleep! And I live with teenagers! Does that not explain things?

       Ya I know the cat doesn't really go but I think he's cute! He must be a teenager!
       Geez Gloria is crying because I don't understand why she's upset because the boy she rejected found someone new. And Brock is in his room 'rapping' someone else is yelling for him to turn his music down.
Really how much does it cost to get a sound proof room?
       I just want Piper's powers from Charmed. Freezing the kids (and hubby) once in awhile would be nice, like when I'm trying to pee. I just know there's a light that goes off as soon as I go into my bathroom, or maybe it's a whistle that only they can hear, you know like a dog whistle? I haven't got to pee a lone since 1983!
       At the seed Mill where I get my dog food they are selling these great candles called Primitive Pleasures, I got Creme Brulee. I don't usually like food smelling candles but this one smells so good! I love candles! I'm just not willing to spend 20.00 for a small candle, hell not even for Yankee's. I usually get mine at Wal-Mart, Target, hell even Kroger's.
      In English class she's making us watch 'The Book of Eli' The violence and rape scene's were just to much for me today and I walked out. She won't tell us why we have to watch this movie and I just don't feel I should have to watch it, I'm not the only one to walk out a guy who just got back from the war walked out too. A lot of the women in the class were hiding their eyes. I don't like violent movies, I never have and after last year when violence touch my family I really can't deal with it. I just can't. Call me wimpy if you want, I don't care.
      Sorry my blog seems to be jumping from subject to subject today, guess that,s what my brain is doing today. I guess I better go deal with Gloria's tears, Brock's music, and Jon's meltdown and then more laundry and home work, oh lucky me! Until we meet again........


Mia said...

Hi Natalie! Wow, married 15 years? Congrats on that! My boyfriend and I have only been together a little over a year, but it feels like we've been together for ages :) We are going to be doing the same thing-- we are going out Saturday to celebrate Valentine's Day since we live an hour away from each other and our schedules are hectic! I hope you have a sexy, romantic night out with the hubby!

Anyway, I found your blog through Blogaholics and just joined your blog. Please check mine out when you have a moment and join :)

Thanks and Best Wishes!

Mia The Muses Circle

Katie said...

Good morning! I am not sure if you got my email or saw the post on my blog hop, but you are the person who won the coffee and donut I am sharing from the Time for Sharing Tuesday blog hop. Please email me your mailing address to and I will mail the gift certificate today.

Katie - Saving and Sharing It


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