Monday, March 12, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day In The Nut House!

      Hello friends I hope you all had a nice weekend, I did despite having three kids sick, actually maybe because I had three sick kids!    They all slept most of the weekend, the only one I really worried about is Jon because he never tells you whats wrong with him until he's bad off and right now he's the worst off with a head cold that seems to be giving him bad headaches( he never admits to that, I can just tell) and fever, thank goodness for antibiotics!
    It's to bad Jon is sick he loves walking with me and looking at our flowers, the Daffodils are already up! It was like 69F Sunday and about 72F today, so beautiful!
    It feels like spring is here! Though this is Indiana and we could have snow on Easter.
     I have to tell you something and I know your all going to laugh at me and think I'm silly but I don't care it made me happy. Tami the administrator of WeEmpowerU-A.S.A.P. read my blog and commented on it--the one where I was bitching about the lady in the gas station, and she liked it! 
     Yes I know you all supported me too and I feel totally blessed by that, but you love me(maybe?) and she doesn't know me. I don't know why that made me so thrilled, she probably reads all the new bloggers on her forum, but it did. Don't judge me and stop laughing YellowDog Granny I can hear you!
      Speaking of forums Woman to Woman is doing great! We now have fifteen women who belong, all the most wonderful women I assure you! And FoxyMoron is the greatest help! Sinead (no not the singer) helped me fix a few things that I didn't know how. See how awesome they are? 
      If you haven't joined yet you should--it's free and it's not like I'm making you sign a contract or pay money, so if you don't like it you can always leave.
      I'm so glad you guys liked Sundays Funny. I thought they were funny but I never know for sure if you guys will. I can thank my mom once again for them- she sends me the funnest emails. Mater of fact I should get off here and email her a thank you and check on my sick kids! Until we meet again............


FoxyMoron said...

Hope the kids feel better soon Nat.


you know me too well.

Hermit Witch said...

A big GET WELL SOON to all who need it in your house xxx

Anna Smith said...

Hope your kids feel better soon. That's cute it made you happy, not silly at all :P

Intricate Knot said...

I hope all the kids are better soon. xo

Validation is a wonderful thing. :) And there is a special thrill when someone outside your regular circle enjoys your blog.

LOVED the title to this post!