Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

   Hello friends, it's been raining since yesterday so yuck can't work in the garden or flower beds, and they were so close to being dry enough to work in! 
   Who says Mother Nature has no sense of humor!
    I will admit I do like laying in bed listening to the rain falling down. Better than last night when it was thunder and lightning with tornado warnings! All four dogs were hiding in my room! 
    Rascal the biggest (looks like a lab but isn't) is the biggest scaredy cat! Since I have a platform bed he couldn't get under my bed he cried til I let him into my closet, and then cried in there til I brought him his carrier so he could hide in his "room". Crazy dog! But I love him.
    My grandson Justice is here for a few days because of spring break, I remember when he was little and I was his world. Now alas I'm just a beep! 
    Oh he loves me I know, I'm his Oma-he named me- but its so much more fun to play with his Uncle Jon who has a great imagination or hang with his cool Uncle Brock and all the teenagers.
    We did play in the rain yesterday, it was eighty degrees when it first started to rain. We skipped, we played in the puddles, oh come on you know you wish you were doing it too! It wore me out, but it was so much fun and we laughed so hard.
     Justice and I we're bonded, his mom was young when she had him so she was going to school and working and I got the privilege of  taking care of him. 
   He is my oldest grandchild, his mom is my oldest child I think that makes him super special to me. Justice is a sweetie pie, really caring and compassionate. In eight days he'll be eleven- where does the time go? 

    Look at those beautiful blue eyes and aren't his freckles just so cute?
     I am super blessed with beautiful children-in side and out- and grandchildren. Though Jaxton is the opposite of his brother, he too is already showing his smart and mischievous side. Jax is going to be a handful!

   Jaxton the cookie monster! Who can blame him! 
  His mom has to keep the legs of her kitchen chairs bungee strapped together because he has been using them since he was eight months old to climb every where!
   Enough with the proud Oma bragging, I need some more coffee. Have a great day, don't forget tomorrows Sunday Funny's day!
   Until we meet again.....



well you know ...they are adorable..that little one is a really bundle of cute..
we had over 7inches on rain in one night..Texas..gotta love it.

KathleenSD said...

Your grandchildren are absolutely adorable!!! I feel the same way - where does the time go???? It feels like yesterday when my oldest stood up on his own for the first time and now he is on his way to becoming a man (UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Following you from Long Island Chick and I'm so looking forward to reading more of your posts!!

I didn't want to mention that it was nice and sunny today and has been for the last week but oops I said it XD