Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just My Opinion's

     Hello friends, normally I don't talk about religion, politics or any of the hot topics, it's not that I don't care about these things, I do very much. 
  I don't talk about them on here first because everyone one has the right to believe in whatever it is that they believe in it, and second, I don't want to fight about my beliefs or yours.
   Even if I don't believe what the next person believes in I will fight tooth and nail for their right to believe that way. I was not put on this earth to judge you or tell you what you should or shouldn't believe.
   BUT I saw this on Yahoo, and it touched me deeply. And yes I like Obama. If you don't that's fine. I'm not going to fight about this. And I don't want to hear your side about it either, do that on your own blog. So here's what I read:

"Hello, I would love to share my experience; something that I will not forget for rest of my life. Today was a special day for me, and I was preparing for it. It was announced yesterday, March 14, for everyone to receive tickets to see none other than the President of the United States, Barack Obama! "
 "The moment I will never forget was when he looked at me. He gave me a chance to talk to him. It was like he was waiting for me to say something. I took the moment and signed 'I am proud of you,' and his response was 'Thank u' in sign language back!"

"Oh my gosh! I was like wow! He understood me after I said I was proud of him. It was so amazing…I was just speechless. Right after he thanked me, he smiled at another deaf lady who signed 'I love you.'"

"When I shook his hand it did not feel like he was superior to me. He was just a humble man. I am just impressed by him and know that he will have my vote and he will win second term without a doubt. Yeah, I feel safe to have him for another term."

   I just thought it was really sweet that he took a second for these kids, it was just a nice thing to do.
Not everyone would have done that and now these kids have a really awesome memory to tell their grandchildren, how cool is that?
     If we could all just stop judging each other and trying to make everyone see it our way, maybe take a moment to see the other person's side. You don't even have to agree with them, just respect that they have a right to believe what they do. This world would be a better place.
    No mater what your religious beliefs are you have to agree with that.

    If we all loved and respected each other I probably wouldn't need to have the forum for women that I have because they would be able to go to anyone and tell how their feeling. 
   Since the world is not that way I am honored to have my forum, I have the most caring, nicest, nonjudgmental women in the world, I am so proud of them.
   I also know I have the best followers too, and everyday I am grateful and I appreciate you all! 
    Until we meet again, peace and blessings be with all of you!


Intricate Knot said...

Awesome post, Natalie! LOVE the story about Obama. He's a nice man and how lovely to have him in the White House right now.

I think the more secure we are in our beliefs, the less judgmental we are of others. And that's my opinion! x

Rue said...

What a lovely post!

I really like that photo comparison of the doctor. I remember an episode of Oprah WAY back where she had a group of men on her stage and told the audience to pick the millionaires out, and of course, it was the men you wouldn't have picked because they were wearing jeans or sneakers. Love that!

Just goes to show that you never really know what another person's life is like.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Your enthusiasm was contagious. Happy for you. (((hugs)))Pat

Anna Smith said...

I totally agree, everyone has the right to believe whatever they want to believe. I always see judging someone for a belief is like deciding not to be friends with someone because they don't like the same food as you. It's stupid so why do it! :)

FoxyMoron said...

your president seems like a good bloke. typing one handed here have a kitten sleeping on my other arm.

insomnia said...

He, like the rest of us, does the best he can with what and who he has to work with.


Our president did wonderful..
bush when he was president and the woman who was going to be executed by lethal injection politely asked for a pardon as she was now a religious person and was going good work with other prisoners..what did he do? he mimicked her by
'pretending to be crying and saying oh please dont kill me, please dont kill me..I'll take our president any day.