Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Charged by the Hour?

   Hello friends, so last night it was Brock's turn to go to the E.R. I swear I should have stock in that E.R. or at the very least a private room!
   I swear I'll be 100 before I get all these medical bills paid off! Seriously! What was wrong you ask?Well let me tell you, he and his friends decided to see who could squeeze each other the hardest,Brock ended up with bruised and cracked ribs, boys you gotta love them!

   How did my sweet little boy turn into such a bratty
teenager? I have to say I sometimes miss my little boy, though I am proud of the man he's becoming--usually!
    What I want to know is why it takes so long to get    out of the hospital once  their all done with you? Why does it  take them forty-five minutes to bring you the papers to sign out? Are they charging me by the hour or the minute or what?
    And what is it with emergency rooms? It never fails that as soon as I'm sitting there I start growing tired? I think they pump sleeping gas into those rooms to make you forget how long you've sat waiting on them!
    Home work time,schools almost done for the summer, know what I can't wait for? Reading a good book! Until we meet again.....




My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

"Funny " post. :0)
Not so.... for those that were experiencing it. :0(

Glad that "hugging thing" was BEYOND MY TIME with 6 sons in their 50's now.
They would have to name a "Wing" after moi! (((hugs)))Pat


when my boys were teenagers we spent damn near every weekend in the ER...cuts and scrapes and all of them past the slap a bandage on them stage..sigh*..boys.