Monday, April 9, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday!

    Hello friends, I hope you all had a beautiful Easter. Mine was good until I had to take Gloria to the E.R. She couldn't breathe well, I knew something was wrong when she kept falling asleep during our family Easter.
     We got home and she did a breathing treatment and went to sleep, but I could hear her breathing fast and heavy. She didn't want to go but I made her, I just hate the way the nurses treat us, as if I'm this panicking mom who is over reacting.
     First because I wasn't a panicking mom, I've seen her a lot worse off, and yes I could have waited til later to bring her in(when she was worse)but I was hoping to get it fixed BEFORE it got worse and second I hate going in at three am. As it was we didn't get out of there til midnight.
     Second I know my kid, I know just by the sounds she's making how bad off she's getting. I have watched her going from having a cold to full blown pneumonia in a few hours. So fuck that nurse who thought I was over reacting. And FYI she's still in bed now (with Bronchitis and no energy).
     I personally believe it's that damn PE teacher who made her run even with a Doctor excuse. I went over his head and plus her Rheumatoid Doctor called and threaten to sic the American Disability Act on them(her PE teacher had said he'd flunk her even with a dr's note).
     And I haven't even mentioned that she had an Asthma attack while running and the nurse wouldn't let her call me or do a breathing treatment saying her oxygen count was a hundred percent, really. She has never ever had 100 percent even when perfectly healthy! The bitch.
    Oh and on top of all of this shit Rick had the water turned off with out warning me! So I had to go pay for it to be turned on in my name(and pay a deposit) won't be on until tomorrow. If I haven't had enough shit to deal with--just want you to know if he "disappears" one day I KNOW nothing about it! Just saying.


FoxyMoron said...

Bloody PE teachers and snooty nurses (and my daughter is a PE teacher!!) I've had runs in with all of them. Hope Gloria gets better soon. WTF with the water?
Nat thanks for your love and support it's greatly appreciated.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Don't you just hate those kinda people! THOSE WITH ATTITUDE and condesending people annoy the crap out of me.
IMMEDIATELY...I get a chip on my shoulder that sends out vibes!
Hope Gloria is on the mend. (((hugs)))Pat

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

P.S. Your secret is safe with me should the SOB be amongst the missing. ;0)
Just WTF does he have as an obligation to pay?

MoonbeamDancer said...

When Jessika was in ICU she had one witchy nurse. My SIL and I were there one day, Jessika was crying and saying things that didn't make sense. Nurse Ratchette came in and told us we were going to have to leave if we kept exciting her. I wasn't very nice when I told her Jess was crying before we went in, I heard her in the hall. She stormed out. A bit later the doctor came in, again the bitch came in. I told the doctor that Jess was very confused and I was concerned about it. Bitch jumps in and tells the dr that Jess was alert x 3 (meaning Jess answered 3 questions correctly). So, I told the dr, yes she will anwer anything correctly, but then tell you she put her pet raccoon in the closet or the night nurse stabbed her. Then I said I was an RN also. Attitudes changed in a hurry. Doctor adjusted meds and I went to see the head of the department to tell her I did not want nurse bitch with Jessika again! So yeah, I hear you on the high and mighty.


I had the same problem with my daughters teachers when she was in school, with her asthma..makes you want to bip them.
I have a great idea of a place to dispose of a body...let me know if you need it.

Anna Smith said...

OMG, that teacher would get a seriously hard slap in the face from me, maybe even a kick in the balls, then make him run see how he likes it! :)