Saturday, April 21, 2012


     Hello friends I hope your day has gone better than mine! Woke up this's morning and it was cold! After dressing and starting my coffee I went to let the dogs out and as usual Rascal had to have his morning attention and he cried out(yapped out?) when I rubbed his ears, one was so swollen! I didn't see any cuts or ticks no reason at all for his ear to be like that.
  Granted he's black(he looks like a lab but is a mutt), but still should be able to tell why his ear is so swollen. I called the vet and told her what was going on and we agreed I'd drop him off on my way to marriage counseling (yep we're doing that, Indiana says you have to if you have kids before you get a divorce).
    Rascal does not like car rides! He whines and cry's, and if he could talk he would be begging and screaming 'Please, please no, anything but that' I got him in (barely) dropped him off, picked up Rick.
    Counseling went well considering, I've forgotten how funny and charming he can be when he wants to be. I guess he's back on his meds. I'll be honest I miss him, sometimes, OK alot. It's hard, we've been together for twenty years.
    After I had to go to Audi's how do you spend three hundred on grocery's and that doesn't fill up your back seat or your cabinets? I can spend four hundred a week and not have enough to feed these teens for a week. 
    Seriously thought about buying a cow so I'd always have milk for them but I know damn well who'd get stuck caring for it and my luck it have some insecurity thing where it had to sleep in my room!
    I picked up Rascal and apparently he'd had a tick and Jon had pulled it off and it had gotten infected. They had to lance it, and now I get the joy of giving him antibiotic's. She said to just open his mouth and shove it in. Nope went and bought him some swiss cheese (he loves it) to wrap around the pill-so much easier!
   So now writing this and then going on a date with my husband-doctor's orders. I'll let you know how it goes! Until we meet again!

P.S. Hate the new Blogger and why does it pick the words to underline now/



Intricate Knot said...

seriously, indiana forces you to go to marriage counseling?? seems like that is overstepping their place! and the "doctor" is requiring you to go on a date?? i hope you have a nice time, but it makes me bristle just thinking about being forced to do something like that.

you made me laugh with "I know damn well who'd get stuck caring for it and my luck it have some insecurity thing where it had to sleep in my room!" i know how you feel :) take care, natalie xo

Anna Smith said...

Haven't updated to the new blogger yet, everyone is saying bad things about is so I'm waiting til the last minute! I'll look after your cow for you, that would be awesome having a cow sleeping on the end of the bed haha! I'd have to get a bigger bed, but beats a cat any day lol. Hope your date goes well hun, sending some positives your way :)

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

YOU... made me laugh this morning.
Not at was at your choice of words. ;0)

As for Blogger underlining some of our words....I think it's BIG BROTHER's way of seeing if we are A THREAT to the security of our country. ;0) Can't make Heads nor Tails out of it otherwise!

Hubba said...

Good luck with your lab!! Hope everything else works out as well. I'm a new follower and found you through a Sunday blog hop! Feel free to follow me back at:


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