Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Well its Wednesday

 Hello friends, why is it that no one needs your attention until your in the bathroom or taking a timed math test? I swear no ever bothers me unless I need some quiet time or on the phone with a business call.
Brock thinks me waving my hands back and forth to shut up and get out really means talk louder and sit down!
  Could someone please explain to me why girls have to scream in that high pitched, glass breaking, dog crawling under the couch, everyone come running voice? Just to tell you that someone is: at the door, on the phone, in their room etc?
   And they wonder why I have grey hair!
  I really need to take Hailey to a dog whisperer or something cause she is totally driving me crazy, I thought she'd go back to normal once she got over the loss of her puppy's but its getting worse:she tries to bite anyone who gets near me, freaks out if I leave her(I have to leave her in my room when anyone comes over), she doesn't like men at all and when I go to the bathroom-she does too, on the floor in front of me. God help me if I walk out to the mailbox without her you'd think that I had left her for hours instead of minutes!
  Other than those few things life isn't bad! It cold be so much worse!

 So this is where my mother got her parenting advice! I have always wondered! Yep I tell my kids the same thing-don't follow others unquestionably, don't believe something just because someone tells you it's true, look it up, do research and be careful who you respect and trust. That's not to say they shouldn't show adults respect, but not just because their adults.
  Indiana has the weirdest weather first it was in the high 80's almost 90 then it went down to normal 70's and now if it gets up to the 60's we're happy and at night the furnace is back on! Crazy.
  Sorry friends about this being so boring right now all I'm doing is studying and working, speaking of which I gotta jump in the shower and go take a math test! Until we meet again.....  



My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Oh....HAPPY DAY! ;0)

FoxyMoron said...

Welcome to my world!


if it ain't one thing it's your mother.

Intricate Knot said...

Break a leg on the math test, Natalie xo