Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bad News

   Hello friends, I honestly don't know how much more shit I can handle. And honestly I don't really feel like blogging right now I need some time to process all the emotions I'm feeling right now, part of it is that I only got an hour and a half of sleep last night.
  But that's another story involving Brock his friends, a strange man and a gun-I'll talk about that later too.
   Gloria has for a fact Crohn's. Her intestines look a little better but not much like raw bloody hamburger, he the doctor said this has had to be going on for a least a year. 
   We can't start treatment until the insurance OK's it, for her Arthritis meds it took a month. This is going to cost even more.
    Remember how I told you that her Arthritis never showed up in her blood test, well now they think it's not Arthritis but the Crohn's doing it.
I'm off here I'll talk to you later.


FoxyMoron said...

Sweetie I am so, so sorry. Poor Gloria and poor you. I did some reading today about Crohns and it sounds awful.
And yes they say arthritis is one of the spin offs of the disease.
So wish you had free health care like we do here, it's so wrong she has to wait for treatment.
Thinking of you all with love.

Anonymous said...

The health care system over there totally sucks BIG TIME!! Her gut looks like raw hamburger and she can't start treatment???? It's horrendous!! Ok we have problems as I've written about on the forum but at least the sick people here get their treatment!
Thinking of you both.

Anna Smith said...

Oh hun so sorry to hear that. I'm sending some wishes your way :)


I wish there was something we all could and family are on my prayer list.

Intricate Knot said...

I am so sorry to have heard this news about Gloria.

I have to agree with Foxy and Sinead, our health care system sucks. Sending healing and positive light for you both. xo

Snowies said...

Well, I guess to look on the bright side here. If indeed the crohn's is causing the arthritis then when her crohn's goes into remission she should be pain free too :)
I wonder if maybe putting her on a liquid diet till she gets meds might be a good option. It will allow her bowels time to rest while shes waiting. My hubby went to his doc about my weight and they suggested Ensure. Might be a bit helpful till then?