Thursday, May 31, 2012

News! Get Your Red Hot News!

   Hello friends,(bad title I know but couldn't think of what to put there) I hope all of you are doing well. Are we all getting lazy or is life getting in the way? None of us are blogging everyday any more like we use to. It used to be hard to keep up with everyone's blogs but not any more! I'm just as bad, I know!
   So let's see where did I leave off on the never ending drama that is my life? Hummm. 
   OK so yesterday I had my biopsy, it wasn't that bad during the procedure, they numb it, which made it harder to swallow, but just felt like some pinching. Then they put the needle in to subtract the cells and in order to do that they have to go back and forth inside the lump really fast, it felt like he was, well, jacking off (sorry couldn't think of another way to describe it). On my neck.
    Then whatever cells he collected in that needle they put on a slide- repeated this process six times. Did I mention that when he was numbing it the needle slipped and the numbing stuff sprayed in my eyes and mouth? Tasted nasty and burnt my eyes.
   It didn't take that long and they put antibiotic ointment on it and a big band aid, said don't get it wet for forty-eight hours! Try showering without getting it wet! I wasn't suppose to remove it either but it was driving me nuts! So I did. Remove the band aid that is. I had to put ice on it for fifteen minuets every hour for four hours.
   All was fine until the numbing wore off, now I wasn't in a huge amount of pain, kinda like a medium headache. They said no Ibuprofen only Tylenol. So I took a Vicodin! Tylenol does nothing for me. I did wake up like four times last night and apparently I was acting dazed and confused, Brock had to put me back to bed.
     I was hot then cold, so I really think I was running a low grade fever. Probably a reaction from the numbing agent. I remember waking up once in discomfort, my neck felt tight(about four am) took another Vicodin and put more ice on it. 
    I had to be up by five am cause Gloria had her CAT scan at seven am and it takes about an hour to get there.
    My poor baby, I'm sure you know how nasty that Barium taste! She was shaking so bad after it that I practically had to carry her out to the car. I turned on the heat to help her and we stopped to get her something to eat.
    She barely made into the house before the diarrhea came on. Then into bed and asleep- she sleeps a lot, that's been going on for the last few months as soon as she gets home from school she'll sleep from two to four hours, wake up, eat do her homework and back to sleep.
   Dr. Hartley called me about four o' clock to tell me the results of her Cat scan. They found more places where its  ulcerous in
there(both top and bottom scopes can only reach so far that's why they have to scan it). 
   So as soon as the insurance OK's it their starting her on Humera (last time we had to wait almost three weeks), meanwhile she'll keep taking the Enbrel and he also put her on stronger steroids. 
    The steroids will help the ulcers go down some so they won't be so inflamed and hopefully she won't be in so much pain.
    I also think we're going to up her visits to the Counselor, I think it will help. One day she's like there a reason I'm going through this and the next she's mad and upset and refusing to take any of her meds. 
   IDK if the counselor will  give her a different anti depression meds, I'm hoping so-though I'll still have to stand over her and threaten her to take it. She's also not eating like she should. 
   She almost passed out twice at cheer practice because of not eating
she thinks she's fat for crying out loud! 
   And also it hurts her stomach sometimes when she eats. I got her some Slim-Fast ( she refuses to drink ensure) and protein bars and told her that it still wasn't enough calories but that it would at least keep her from losing muscle mass. And she'll eat before CL practice which is at six am!
    I really hope all this isn't boring you all to tears, and I promise every blog won't be about Gloria's Crohn's (or my lump) I don't know when I'll get my results back- they said the earliest Monday. 
   I don't know if it's because all my worry about Gloria or because I have friends lighting candles and saying prayers I'm just not that worried about my lump. It's probably nothing. Really.
For you YDG

  Again I hope I didn't bore you all to tears, sorry if I did. Until we meet again......


Hermit Witch said...

Poor Gloria :( I hope she's feeling better soon. I think she's a real trooper to still be carrying on with cheerleading with all this going on!
Thinking of you and lighting candles for you both xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, she sounds so sick:( And it's still a big shame that she can't have her treatment, I'm sure glad I don't live over there, it would drive me crazy seeing people suffer but not getting the treatments.
You should check with a dietician about what she should eat. She probably needs energy/calorie drinks, do you have that over there in the pharmacies? If she has a lot of diarrhea she loses fluids and salts.
Thinking of you both.

Anna Smith said...

Of corse you didn't bore us. Cheer leading at 6am is pretty damn impressive considering what she goes through. Must take after her determined Mother! :)

Intricate Knot said...

I'm so sorry, Natalie, that both of you are going through all of this. I know that if your daughter is in pain, that you are in pain, too. I think you and Gloria are handling everything very well, and it's normal for her (and you, too) to feel discouraged and angry at times. I hope the insurance company approves her new medication quickly. And I hope you hear good news about your biopsy on Monday.

Love the Texas Cat pic. xo

Devinmaxwell34 said...

I'm sorry Nat, that you guys have to go through this, you and your daughter both! i'm hoping for the best for both of you!
AND i have to say "pffft" to your "boring us to tears" please! this is your blog, you write what you want girl! And people who care about you will want to know what's going on and we will be hoping for all to go well for both of you!
Stay strong! xo


candles lit for you all..

remind me not to get dexter a gun.

FoxyMoron said...

Hey I blogged THREE times today girlie! LOL
So sorry you and Glo are going through this Natalie, thinking of you both, and you with the biopsy too, hope that comes out okay.
Don't ever stop blogging about the family and the day to day, that's why I love reading you. Oh and because you're awesome too of course. ;)