Friday, July 6, 2012


    Hello friends, I'm so sick and tired of talking about the weather here, but my God is it hot (104F) and humid here! And this was on the six o clock news:   
BREAKING NEWS – Firefighters are currently battling a large brush/woods fire inside McCormick's Creek State Park. The fire is estimated to be between four and five acres in size and is located near the campground area.
      Which BTW people is not to far from my home! Please pray/light candles for our fire fighters, and the animals and people that live in the park.
     There's not a lot else to say friends life has pretty much stopped here it's just to damn hot to do anything. It's so strange to go out during the day and not hear kids outside playing.
    I'm still sick and this heat just wipes me out! Hell going to see the fire works almost done me in it was 97F at ten pm when they let them off and they couldn't do very many because of the dryness. My poor hubby loves watching them and was so let down.
    I personally worry about him working in this heat, even in winter it's about 80F where he welds add this extra heat we're having and it's way past 110F, and of course no fans or fresh air.
     The only thing happy in this heat are the bugs! See how bad it's getting?
 LOL I told their becoming a problem! Until we meet again......



FoxyMoron said...

Oh you poor hot thing! Hope it cools down soon.
And hope you start feeling better soon too!


its' so strange not to be the
hottest place around.

Anna Smith said...

It's raining here.wana swap lol? Hope you feel better and the fires don't cause problems for you :)

Intricate Knot said...

I don't blame you for complaining about the heat, Natalie. Summer is my LEAST favorite time of the year. I don't like the heat at all. I feel bad for your husband, too, having to work out in this weather is terrible.

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I really hope you feel better soon. Sending you some healing vibes and (((hugs)))