Thursday, December 15, 2011


              Hello everyone! I've missed you!

           My finals are finally over and I have survived them intact! My children are still alive and I'm still married. Hey don't laugh I wasn't sure if we would all make it through them, I came very close to killing them all, or at the very least giving them all benydryl so I could study in peace without having to stop every five seconds to answer someones questions. All this did make me realize I need to start teaching my children and husband how to survive without me.  Seriously I had never realized my husband can not get ready for work with out me telling him where his socks are, his underwear or his t-shirts.  Strangely all  his clothes where in the same place they always are, in his drawers. I seriously think I need to type up some directions on how to do some basic things around here and then hang them up near were they'll need them, common things like: how to replace the toilet paper, how to shut the lid on the toilet, how to shut drawers, how to hang your coats up etc.

       I missed going to all your blogs, well I did go to a few, mostly around midnight when I needed a break from studying. YellowDog Granny I hope you feel better soon. Not getting to read all your blogs made me feel like I was neglecting my friends, which I was, but I could only do so much in one day. I did keep up with my personal things I do to keep myself calm and focused: meditating, going outside even just long enough to say hi to the moon or sun, I managed to exercise a little, I didn't get to go on any walks its been raining here a lot.

        Last night I did a little memorial for my friend Tina who died six months ago, I finally felt ready to say goodbye. 

     Tina was a preacher. Strange that I would have a friend who's a preacher, I know. Tina was never one who stuffed her faith down your throat, she genuinely saw the good in people and the she always knew things about you that you had never told her or anyone else, I honestly believe she was a little physic but since she was raised to believe that was a sin she gave all the credit to her God, and never realized how special and awesome she was herself. Nope she was to busy making you feel awesome.

      Today I am going to take it easy, I have to take Gloria to her counseling appointment, and do some house work, and I really have to read all the papers that my mom sent over for our new business, go get some doggy food, oh I have packages that came in the mail that I haven't opened, I need to make a Christmas ornament for my circle sister, and catch up on your blogs. And tomorrow I'm babysitting my grandson Jaxton. At least I don't have any studying to do!

       I wanted to say to Can We Have A New Witch Ours Melted  that I'm so glad your back and feeling better we've missed you! And that I hope this new knee surgery is easier than the last! I can't wait for the Yule blog parties that are happening this year and to meet new people!

       Well off to the shower for me, it's time to start my day! Really. Until latter............ 

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FoxyMoron said...

So glad you got through your exams in spite of the family! I so relate to them not being able to cope without you.
Re the comments that you asked about, I am guessing you just reply in this, the comments section. I mostly forget to do that though.
And as for a button, did you figure out how to make one? I'm thinking something like Photoshop which I downloaded a trial version of, for free or something like Fotoflexer where you can make a graphic then just upload it through your Blogger settings with a URL attached to it, if that makes sense. I don't do buttons, I prefer to have a blogroll on my sidebar.
None of this probably helped you, someone else more savvy might be able to give you some tips.