Saturday, December 17, 2011

Resting and relaxing..........YA RIGHT!

      I went to the Doctors yesterday because I've been having trouble sleeping and eating, no appetite at all and I'm losing weight kinda fast. So she ask me if I've been under any stress.( Stress? Me? I HAVE TEENAGERS! Isn't that enough to cause stress? Really.)  I told her no more  than usual.  Honestly things are so much better than they were, not perfect but better. If you could see how much better Gloria's doing now that she on the Zoloft.  She is still getting bullied by a girl in school and Thursday I had to go to the school and we put a no contact order on the girl (the girl is 2 years ahead of her) the school is working with us though I think she should just be kicked out. Brock is still pushing to see how much he can get away with. Same old, same old.  The Doctor did some blood test, probably a Thighroid problem she said.

     I hung this poster in the game room. What? I thought it was funny, I've been saying this for years, just ask Veronica. Then I found this poster and it seemed like a good idea to hang it down there. And I found these pictures and thought they'd bring a smile to all your faces.

        My house is clean, my shopping is almost done, everything is wrapped. I almost caught up with everything. How do you other women do everything? Sometimes I feel like I'm failing at everything or up til two am to get it all done, speacking of which anyone know a good way to get rid of the bags under my eyes? Even when I sleep ten hours I still have them.

      This year for Christmas presents I'm taking boards about 3 or 4inches wide by 4feet long and painting them then writing different sayings on them Rick made the ends ragged looking on some and on others stright. Some I made look old and others not. I tried to match their decor. It was really easy. The other thing I made was light box's, you take two glass bricks (like they put in bathrooms, cheap at Lowe's), put a small strand of lights in it,glue it, then wrap a ribbon around them to make it look like a present. Gloria and Veronica made reafs using coffee filters, food coloring, Christmas lights ( has great crafts you can make cheep). Jon drew everyone pictures(he is an awesome artist) and I framed them, Brock made pillows with Lavender in them(it counted as a home school lesson,Rick helped him sew them, I don't sew), and he and Gloria helped me make baskets with the lotion, bathsalts and scrub that I make out of all natural ingredients.  We make the baskets every year cause thats what everyone ask for. I want my kids to know that Christmas/Yule isn't just about spending money, it's about showing people the love you feel for them all year.

     Well I need to get off here my grandbabies are coming over so I can watch them while their parents shop. Really.  Until next time............



kids..they'll kill ya' I'm telling you..take care of yourself..can't take care of anyone if your not ok...
merry merry..

FoxyMoron said...

I don't know how YOU do it Nat, honestly!
And the bullying, get me started, I don't know what kids get out of it.
Lovely ideas for home made pressies, that's what the spirit of Christmas is all about.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Saw some humor in there....;0)
It's a Great Life If You Don't Weaken. :0)