Sunday, December 4, 2011

Privacy Please!!

      Have you ever noticed that no one has to go to the bathroom until your in the shower or tub? Why is that? I have three full bathrooms yet as soon as I get comfortable in the tub here comes the knocking, really, I just don't get it. I have gotten so desperate for some alone time that I even printed up a poster for my door, I'm not kidding people.

            Do Not Knock on this door unless your bleeding, and I mean through an artery, not a vain!
            Do Not Knock on this door unless there are bones broken, compound only!
            Do Not Knock on this door in case of fire! Get your siblings and pets and get out! I will stay in
            here, the fire will heat my water back up.

       My husband thinks this is a little extreme, I don't, I just want to bathe with the smell of candles not shit, is that really asking to much people? I think not. Is really to much to ask for a half an hour alone time without someone wanting something from me? I guess it it when you have teenagers.

         So once again we had a basketball game on Saturday so Rick and I didn't get our date but two weeks without a date is way too long so we went out today, we were hoping to get to walk in the woods but it's raining again here so we went out for Mexican food, yum! Then because my husband thinks we need new phones every year we had to go get them. I got a smart phone. It may be smart but it sure makes me feel dumb! I refused last time he wanted me to get a phone, I finally knew how to use all the gadgets on it. I know I'll learn again and it would probably help if I read the instruction book that came with it, but could they make the print any smaller, really? And before you ask yes I wear reading glasses.

Well I guess I better get my homework done, so until next time.......



oh I am so on your side on this biggest complaint as a single mother..not the working 3 jobs no sleep, not being able to buy anything new except for the kids..but no privacy for a long hot bath..good for you and your note..stand your ground.

FoxyMoron said...

I hear you! Love your bathroom sign.
And I'm with you on the phone, I just need something I can make calls on but I always end up with all the bells and whistles anyway.