Friday, December 2, 2011

Either smile or cry

Hey people! It's been one of those weeks where my to do list is sooo much longer than the hours I'm awake.  Whats really sucky is the weather here one day nice one freezing and raining, well that's Indiana I guess but still I can bitch. Wednesday at school it was so cold in classes I couldn't get warm for six hours I froze, I know we pay a lot to go there you'd think they'd turn the heat up. Keeping cold does not keep me awake! I came home ate got into bed read for 1.3 secs and fell asleep by 8:30 pm is that sad or what? Really.

Today I read ishityounot blog it made me cry when she was telling about her grandson's friend who overdosed on Heroin. And I agree this is what the government should worry about and not Pot. OK I don't smoke pot(really,like I need something that makes me tired,hungry and horny) but I do have a brother who smokes it, a lot. Hey he works pays his bills doesn't rob banks or little old ladies, and he's never moved on to heavier drugs. I'm not here telling you what to do or don't do it's just my oppinion, everyone has one.
What I did think after I read it that maybe I should be grateful my children and ALL their friends hang out at my house, food bill notwithstanding, at least I know where they are and whats going on, plus now I have them all trained to clean up after themselves. And I know whats going on in their lives, even if I don't always want to know.

And if any of you are in the Goddess Circle you also know what happened in school this week. I stood up for a gay girl in my class, I just can't handle people picking on others, it tears my soul out. I hate when 'religious' people use that to put down and hurt others. And who the f..k are they that they have the right to say who's right and who's wrong? Um I don't remember their names in the bible saying that they where to judge others, and yes I've read the whole thing doesn't mean I agree with it.
Judging others being mean just pisses me off to no means and how come it's always the 'righteous ones' who do it? Doesn't seem to matter what religion they are, one once told my daughter Veronica that her baby was born with heart problems cause she was a unwed teenage mom. Really? You just don't want to know how ugly I got with her.
Any way Igot called down to the deans office, what am I sixteen? I didn't get into trouble but he wanted to know what had happened, oh well its the price you pay for being a big mouth like me.

The one thing I've noticed is that I'm back to my old self for better or worse! And I love you all for helping me get there! Really.

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chin up ...tits out..

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Don't you just love those bible thumpers. NOT!!!
My ex inlaws were Catolic as I was raised and went to church faithfully. The crap that spilled out of their mouths about their neighbors the rest of the week was disgusting.
Just because you go to church doesn't mean you are not going to Heaven and I question if there is one. If you do good to others here on earth that is your Heaven.
Okay...Ill step down from my soap box. Do unto others as you would want done to yourself.
Those words I clearly remember hearing and reading.