Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oooops I forgot something.

At first I was going to wait til tomorrow to say this but then I remembered that its my blog and I can do whatever I want, so there! Sorry around to many teenagers!
   Any way I wanted to thank all of you who stop by and leave a comment especially the ones who's blogs I have loved for months now(sorry it took me awhile to discover blogs) and warms my little heart to think I might bring a laugh to you as you have me. And Mrs. The Country Life, thank you for walking me through on how to put up pictures, your the greatest, I refuse to call you the OM word you call yourself, because your the  of it your a sweet caring woman, the name doesn't fit .  And for Hermit Witch, I'm sorry for what happened to you, and thank you for sharing apart of your story with me and feel free to talk to me about anything anytime.


Chapter Forty said...

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. I hope you find as I have that Blogging is so much fun and a great learning journey.

Sally | The Village Witch said...

Hiya! Sally here from The Village Witch :) Sorry for the delay but I had no internet connection yesterday :( Really pleased to welcome you to our Yule Magic Blog Party! Hope you have a lovely festive season too x

Loran said...

The more you blog, the more you read blogs, the more you read blogs, the harder it is to get off the computer!

Aaaaaaaahhhh! Still, it's so fun.

Anonymous said...

Aw thanks Natalie, if you mean the name Foxymoron that I use, it's a tongue in cheek nod to a very funny show here called Kath and Kim, they always get their words wrong. But you can call me Trish 'cause that's my name. ;)
Trish aka Foxymoron