Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where are the elves when you need help?

     Oh boy got to clean house today, not that I don't get that honor everyday but today extra so the will shine along with the Christmas tree, yeppee! Took the curtains down and washed them, how do they get so dirty so fast, I just washed them when fall began? I even broke down and washed Brock's bed clothes, not something I normally do, my kids are responsible for their own laundry, ya I'm a bad mean mom but I'm not going to be doing their laundry when their forty like my mother in law does for my brother in law. I want my kids to be independent and able to take care of themselves when they leave home. I did his bed because, well frankly it smelled in there and I couldn't handle the mess any longer and I don't even want to know whats was on those sheets you could of stood them in the corner, he is thirteen after all.
    Even my four dogs got their bimonthly baths and in between cleaning and dog bathing I'm making calls trying to get help for my son Jon, no luck, most places said I had to wait until he was throwing one of his fits then call the police and they would take him to a center to be evaluated, seriously! That's so crazy, I know I live in a small town but there are lots of big city's around, I don't live that far from Indianapolis for gods sake!
    Gloria had after school detention for an hour for being four minuets late for school which was my fault but geeze it was the first time, she's not talking to me right now because it's been raining here non stop for the last week and the road to the next town is flooded and I can't get her to her friends, you didn't know that I have control over the weather did, yep thats me mother freakin nature! I'm so powerful that I decided to make the temp drop the water freeze and start the snow coming down today, hey I like being stuck home with two teenagers who can't go any where and are bored. It gives a warm fuzzy feeling. Really
    So I didn't use the duck tape on Brock but I did tell him if he didn't get his work done by three he was scrubbing the boys bathroom to my standards! It worked today tomorrow, I don't know, I'll have to think of another horrible cleaning job for him to do, who am I kidding every cleaning job is horrible to him he's a lazy thirteen year old, have I ever said how much I hate teenagers? I love my kids but man the teen years really suck. At least he flushes the toilet now I made him write one hundred times "I will flush the toilet" told ya I'm a mean mom.
    My oldest called today to complain that her youngest, Jaxton, who is a year took the kitchen chair and slid it to the counter and got into the cookie jar, and threw all the cookie's on the floor. I laughed my head off!  He is so smart and mean! He pinches and bites and is just like his mother was, pay backs are a bi--h aren't they?
My oldest,Veronica, son-in-law John, Justice and Jaxton



I don't know why people think women couldn't be president..we'd adept at everything that's thrown at us and still manage to get the house clean and everyone fed..

Anonymous said...

Ah that is what I needed to hear, that teenagers really are horrible and it's okay to admit it. ;)
Trish aka Foxymoron