Monday, November 28, 2011

If You Don't Know How To Drive Stay HOME!!!

I don't get road rage and I try to obey the laws but geez if I could take some people's drivers license away I would. Really! On the way to my collage there is a four way stop, and people don't seem to know how to use it. One dumb ass women went when it wasn't her turn and almost hit a cop,really,how can you be so dumb and not pay attention? And I'm not asking anyone to speed but couldn't they at least go the speed limit? I understand when there's snow and ice but crap nothing worse than someone going ten miles under the speed limit! Not all of us have all day to get somewhere. I'll stop bitching now.
I want to say thank you to all of you who have stopped by my blog and left me a message. It means the world to me and it's the most support I've had through all this. And to answer how I made it through this, the easy answer would be that I didn't have a choice,my kids needed me. The real answer is I took a lot of showers and cried a lot! And physically it took it's toll on my body,I lost over 60 pounds not that I didn't need to but it was a rough way to do it. I'm not as young as I use to be (OK I'm 47, nosy!) In case your wondering that is a picture of my Globug( Gloria) she's named after my mom and looks like her too. I asked her before I put it on here. It's not the best she was in pain, it's before we got her on her arthritis medicine.
I wonder if it's against the law to tie my son Brock to a chair to get him to do his school work? Maybe not tie what about duck tape? It's something to think about.
My grandson Justice spent his Thanksgiving break with us. Grandchildren are so great cause you can spoil them and not have to make them do anything. Drives my daughter Veronica nuts, like I told her I'm the Oma,grandmother, and not his parent so I can do what I want and spoil him senseless. Its the best revenge. Really. Isn't he so cute? I know he looks like Harry Potter, he can really play the guitar, takes after his grandpa.      Well until next time........



your daughter is just beautiful.and the grandson is a cutie pie.

Lis said...

Hi Natalie! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I am laughing about the bad drivers and the possibilities for duck tape!

Your daughter is beautiful! I can only imagine how much your mama bear heart has been asked to grow to hold all that you hold ... I truly believe our heart aches are preparing our hearts to stretch wider than we ever imagined possible to one day hold all the love and goodness coming our way. You are a strong woman doing incredible work - never doubt yourself! I only have one child and my goodness, I am worn out!!

oh, and also giggling because I'm 49 and 47 sounds young to me now! Sheesh! The decline is rapid :)

blessings to you in this holiday season

xo Lis