Wednesday, December 28, 2011

They Ought To Know Better!

         So a few weeks ago, about four I ordered my Grandson Justice this really cool kit, I even paid an extra twenty dollars to get it in two days. It never came! So I've been hounding this company for weeks!
Calling them getting a recording, remember when company's hired people? I've emailed them 12 times! I finally got an email back saying they would get a hold of me in a few days. What pissed me off was at the bottom of their email it said 'LOW PRIORITY'!! REALLY!!! Now I was really mad! I called Pay Pal and told them everything, emailed them all the papers I had on this, then today I heard back from pay pal and they got all my money back and I got the kit too, soo cool! It takes a while to find a human to talk to at pay pal but once you do their really nice and helpful.

       I'm just so tired of all these company's help pages where you type in your problem and then you have to type it in, in different words cause the computer doesn't understand the words you put in. I get so frustrated!

       Considering all that be wrong and isn't I am grateful.  The only not great thing is my poor little grandson Jaxton is running a fever and it got high enough Veronica took him to the ER last night, they couldn't find anything wrong, poor little guy.


         Today I wrote a couple of new post for my other blog  In My Garden I wrote about my favorite herbs to grow inside and their care and how easy or hard to get them started, I also started a new page on Compost but I want to a video with that one to show you how to build your own compost heap, you can still read it just know I'm going to add more to it. I also want to write a post on how I make potpourri but didn't know if you all would be interested in that. And tomorrow I'm going to give you my recipe for my Fertilizer, its really good and doesn't stink! I know your all shaking in your shoes with excitement! HaHa, give me some hints on what you want to know and I'll write about it! We I guess this motor mouth doesn't have anything else to jab about so until tomorrow.........


FoxyMoron said...

I rarely pay for anything online unless I can use Paypal, they've got me out of a few dodgy deals.
Can't wait to get over to the garden blog, all the things you listed I'm interested in.
I make my own pot pourri, we have a zillion roses here and I have petals drying under the house.
Maybe one day we can swap some? :)


pay pal is great..on line buying can be pretty dodgy..