Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bridget Does the Bed!

      I have been so lazy this weekend! And I don't even feel guilty about it, I locked myself in my bedroom, left orders for what the kids were to do(chores), put a do not disturb sign up and slept! When I did wake up I would read your blogs, watch TV and that's about it, except doing what home work that I absolutely had to do! I think it freaked out my kids and even their friends, they kept knocking on my door.
       I did get up this morning and make a huge breakfast, but told them to clean up afterwards. And I've done some laundry today, how does it build up so fast? And yes Dee I know I need to make "those kids" do more around the house. And I miss having coffee with you too, but have no desire to move to Texas(sorry, Yellowdog Grannie), no mater if you are wearing shouts in January! Now Australia yep, I would love to move there or maybe England, I have friends in both places, but only for half the year. If I move I'm taking Ishityounot with me! She needs some happiness in her life, besides can't you just see her on a road trip?! It would be a blast! I shit you not! lol
        Though for that mater taking YellowDog Grannie would be fun cause she'd keep us all laughing, and we'd have to take FoxyMoron because she's so organized and she's an awesome cook, and hell she needs a break too! So that settles it we all need a huge vacation without our families(and yes Dee you should come cause God knows someone will need to be the adult and keep us in line). Where should we go? Hum something to think about, right?
     OK I know it's not Veteran's day or anything but their on my heart heavy today for some reason.

      Sometimes I think we forget about them in our day to day lives. It's been going on for so long, and it's not just American's over there fighting. This has been going on for far to long, and really its time to send our people home. Seriously.
       Foxy, you should write all your recipes down, I would gladly pay for them! And YDG why did you stop that beautiful website full of good healthy food? You don't have to tell I'm just being noisy. If I haven't told you all I want you to know how much I appreciate all of you and your opinions mean the world to me! So until next time.....


FoxyMoron said...

Nat just ask me for a recipe and I'll happily type it up for you!
Good on you for having a day to yourself.
Road trip sounds good imagine all of us together.


there were 3 or more of us doing that food blog..and every one quit and it was just me..and then I said screw it and never did anything more with it..some good recipes though