Friday, January 20, 2012

Sleeping Beauty? Naw just me Natalie!

       All I have done today is sleep and laundry oh and just took a test that I wasn't prepared for enough! The test had to be done by five, less sleep and more studying is what I should have done but oh well a B will have to do! I have slept so much and when awake I ate and ate a lot! Carbs! People I ate a lot of carbs, so not like me.I try so very hard to stay a way from them but today nope! Ate them with out any guilt, I didn't fix supper either, let the brats fend for themselves, it's not like there's no food in there, cause there is they of course won't fix themselves the good for you food, they will eat junk. Oh well they will survive. My excuse for eating like a piggy today is it's very cold outside and getting colder we're under weather warnings. Sounds good to me, even though Rick asked if I was pregnant eating like I was, oh f you is what I said and that I was pretending to be him! Sometimes he needs to keep his mouth shut! It's not like this is normal for me!
        OK, I want to talk serious for a second, I think I'm going to shut down my other two site's or just add them to this one as pages but with out the ads. I want to concentrate more on this new business, which in the end will help so many women. Even a few of you. So what do you think? I won't feel so much pressure to come up with articles etc. As it looks now the new business should be ready to roll by end of February. Only thing holding it back is money which I won't have til the middle of Feb, this has always been my dream, to help women, people, I feel it's more important. Also I need to simplify my life a little, Between full time school, home schooling, my kids, my husband and believe it or not other people who depend on me(crazy to think they really care what I think, mostly I just listen)and all the other shit us wives and mothers do sometimes I feel overloaded, how do you all do it? What do you give up to do it all? I'm willing to give up cooking but the brats won't let me, I have made them take more responsibility over the house work and try to keep my mouth shut when it's not perfect. Something has to give and those sites are my first axe chop.
    Am I making in sense today or just rambling on and on? Thank the Universe I have all of you to keep me straight and in line! Until we meet again!

P.S. I can not get my time line on this to work right, I am eastern time in Indiana, so idk why it never says the right time!


FoxyMoron said...

Just do what you have to do, and then what you WANT to do. Works for me. :)


I'm with Foxy..what works for for us..since I'm a diabetic..carbs are few and far between and have to make the ones I do take..rate..
but about once every 2 months or so I say fuckit and have ice cream or something fried and carby..then back to being good.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

My thoughts run to....scrap the other two blogs.
Unless of are an octopus. ;0)
Seriously though, I don't know where you are finding the time to do what you do now. I shit you not!


Derenda said...

Sis: You try to do too much for too many. Them younguns need to take on alot more responsiblity for the whole household, and not just theirselves. I miss you and our coffee talks, but you can keep the cold weather. I've had shorts on outside the past couple days. Weather here in the mid to high 70's.