Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad, bad, day after all.

     I didn't get to rest after all today, when I got up this morning Jon was gone, but I didn't worry cause like his mama he likes to sit in the woods and be still, but then an hour passed, then two, I went out looking, didn't find him, then four,five six Rick and I started to freak a little, OK a lot. It's really cold outside. We called the police who said he's an adult, well yes and no, they said they would look out for him. We search for him til we were frozen. I got on Facebook, Goddess Circle, every where I could think of, and I kid you not ten min later my friend Gina found him by the high school lost and cold, it's ten miles away! We are grateful, and it shows that all religions can work together in putting energy out there to help a lost child.
        We are tired and wrung out, poor Rick had to go to work any way, and my neck hurts so much. I have never been so scared or cried so much, and seriously thinking of making him wear a tracking device from now on. I don't know why I'm writing this all here, I know everyone has their own problems, guess I just needed to get it out. Going to go take a shower and cry some more, and thank the Universe for bringing my baby home.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Whoa.....what a scare you had !
I'm so glad this turned out well.
Frayed nerves......stress....
scared out of your wits....
You do what ever you need to do to make yourself feel better Natalie.
We are hear to listen.....that's what friends are for.

FoxyMoron said...

Oh Nat I am SO glad he's safe. That feeling when your child is lost, I know it well and it's gut wrenching, it's happened many times with my Emily.
And of course you should get on here and get hugs from all of us.


Oh my Goddess, how scared you all must have been. and always feel like you can tell us anything..that's what friends are glad he's home and safe.