Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Day of Rest

      Hello friends, I'm suppose to be in school right now but I over slept and so did the kids,of course cause I didn't make sure they were up. I'm totaling blaming it on the cold medicine that I took last night! I don't usually take meds but I was feeling like shit yesterday, after being at school for 12 hours, and freezing the whole time I came home and warmed up and fell asleep!
       The house is nice and quiet I got caught up on reading all of your blogs and I'm not even going to do any home work, I'm just going to be mello and force myself to rest, no house work or anything. I think I need it, yesterday in English class I felt so weird
 like I was floating out of my body or dizzy, can't put my finger on it. I was tired and hadn't ate anything but it was the strangest feeling. After class I got something to eat but still felt off. OK so I'm strange I never said I was normal. And my neck hurts from my fall on Tuesday, I think I gave myself whiplash, or something.

     On another note I wanted to tell about my friends Loran's blog she is a very wise woman, and gives great advise and has a lot to teach all of us so by her blog and say Hi, Loran's Heart I promise you'll like it. 
      And ishityounot, get better soon, we care about you and hope your alright. Until we meet again.......


FoxyMoron said...

We all have days like that! Sometimes your body just tells you what it needs.

Leeanna said...

Considering your illness and having to take cold meds, you are excused today. But tomorrow you're on your own. ahahahahaaa. Take care hon.


I think every three months there should be a 'sleep in late day'...good for you

Hermit Witch said...

Sometimes it's best not to fight it and go with the flow. Rest is need, not a luxury, sometimes we forget that.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Just need some time to clear my head so that I can think straight and mend my heart. Thank you.
I'll be take care and be good to yourself too.
YA HEAR!!!!!!!!
Our bodies are telling us something. It's up to us to listen.