Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bridget Makes Changes

       Hello friends, when I stared Bridget's Daughter I was in really bad shape, my life had been hit hard, my family was hurting bad and I felt like the weight of my family and the world on my shoulders, and I was on my knee's. I don't know if before all these things had happened if I ever thought of myself as a strong woman, probably not. I don't think I ever saw myself in a good way, never, not even as a child.  I don't think I ever liked myself let a lone loved myself, which we all know is a disaster.
        But(yes I know not suppose to start a sentence with that word!)BUT with each post I put on here and with each loving message I got from you all I found my way up from my knee's and discovered what my soul  knew all a long. That I am a good person, that I do have something to give to the world, I just had to figure it all out! And I have.
       So even though I'm strong again and I know what I want AND how to do it, I can't do it all. So I've gotten rid of a few things(next is cutting out some people leaches) I deleted my coffee blog, I took all the ads off my garden blog but kept it because I really enjoy doing it, and think others like it too, just that this way I won't feel any pressure in doing it or selling anything.
       What I am going to keep, is Bridget's Daughter, In My Garden, and Maggie's Rainbow. I'm close to getting my new business up that will help me and other women, my schooling is important to me so that and I guess I'll keep my kids, not sure about the husband yet(serious).
          I just didn't want you all to freak when you couldn't find the coffee blog and wanted to explain the other changes. Until we meet



Aine said...

So glad you are keeping this blog! Periods of great change are so stressful, and yet empowering as well. Sometimes I have let things that gave me strength go - because the stress was too much. I regretted it, so it's good that you are not giving up all your blogs and your interests!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Don't know if I read you right, but if your own time, when you are's your decision.

All I can say is lead with your heart. You have a heart of GOLD.