Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bridgets back!(hide the kids!)

      Hello everyone, I'm almost back to myself again and apparently today is the day everyone feels they need to tell me about me. My son-in-law said "do you realize you say 'really?' when you think someone did something dumb?" Really? hum I guess I didn't and he said "You say seriously when think their doing something stupid? Or that you don't agree with." Well ya I know I say that, my mom says I've done that my whole life(because according to her I came out talking). I know I say those things because my husband will mock me when we're fighting. I don't think about it I just do it. And really, does he think he's the first to point that out? So I asked him if he would rather have me say what I'm thinking? he said I do any way. And so does my daughter Veronica. Yep we are very opinionated, and usually right, if only people would listen to me. LOL. But you gotta let people be stupid if that's what  they want. I'm right. Just ask YellowDog Granny. She knows you can't fix stupid.

      I'm so proud of my husband Rick, he's fixing my SUV right now (he does all our car repairs), but that's not why I'm proud of him I'm proud cause he got on the internet and actually looked up something instead of me or the kids doing it. Progress takes time. And before anyone writes me and bitches that I'm not driving 'green' let me inform you that inside my house I'm green, in my yard I'm green. My car is not, first I can't afford one and second my son's and husband are all over 6'3 (not Brock, he's only 13 and is over 5'7, he's not done growing yet), I have kids and grand kids to haul around, grocery's, animals, and gardening supply's etc.
So unless your willing to buy me a new car, shut-up already.

      OK nice Natalie is coming back now, hehe, I want to tell all of you that on my 'In My Garden' blog I'm going to add a craft's page to it(Gloria's idea) to show you how we make things out of the herbs we grow, now I've never sold the things I make, just gave them away as gifts. And I'm not planning on doing that now either. We just thought maybe it would be fun for all of you. Also I'm thinking of adding a recipe page to it to show how we use the herbs we grow. What do you all think of that? Good idea or not? If there's a recipe you make with herbs(weather you grow your own or not) or a craft you make let me know and I would love to put it on my site and give you all the credit for it. Or if you use your herbs for cleaning etc. As long as it's PG (yes YDG, I'm talking to you,hehe) I would love it if you shared:)

For you YellowDog Granny

       On my blog 'A Good Mornings Start' I also want to give some recipes featuring coffee and tea, and if you have any of those please share!

        I hope and pray that you all know how much I appreciate you and am thankful for all your support, kindness,advice and laughter! Now go be the first to join my coffee blog! Blessings to all, until we meet again.......

          (_/_)(_|_)(_\_)(_|_)(_/_)  butt dance my friend Christina sent me.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

HOT DAMN! You sound mighty cheerful.
I'll take some of what you are eating or drinking. ;0)
I want me some of THAT ENERGY! I shit you not!

You blog...I'll read.

Hermit Witch said...

Did you mention coffee? Oh, my, yes! I'm having me a cup of that. Not a big fan of tea (not all the english drink it, despite popular belief) but humble little addiction.

aw said...

you got tagged! (love your last post by the way!)


when he said 'you say really when ever you think someone says something stupid.'you should have said 'really?'...