Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bridgets Baggy eyes and Butt!

    I am so tired! School started back for me on Monday and I thought I was ready to go back but I'm not, not that I have any choice, but it was nice not to be working outside the home or going to school. It was still busy, that's a given when you have kids. And now it's back to hitting the books! Already have a ton of homework. And tomorrow is my long day from 11 am til 9 pm. Yuck.
     Rick and I got into an argument this afternoon, we were talking and laughing then he took my picture (which I hate) and all of a sudden the man who hasn't said a word about me going from fatty to medium starts yelling at me about losing to much weight. He said my neck was so thin he didn't know how my head was being held up! And that I need to start sleeping more. And some other mean things, he says its not mean but it hurt my feelings.
     Yes I know I need more sleep but shit sometimes I just can't fall asleep or if I do I don't stay that way for long. And if I would have known he was going to take my picture I would have put some make up on and tried to do my hair! Any one got a cure for baggy eyes? I've tried tea bags(OK I did it wrong I thought you were suppose to put them on cold and your not) I've bought so many different products but nothing really helps, also I got from my fathers side darkness under my eyes and on my lids. At least I didn't get their mustaches! Though that's probably easier to get rid of. So if any of you know a cure or hell just a way to make them go from leaf bags to grocery bags let me know. And before you say it even when I do get enough sleep I still have them.

They need warning signs! Girls enjoy your looks while your young cause soon they disappear!

Or warning this is what happens when you have six kids!  OK he's right my head does kind of look big, and the bags are bad, deep breath, sigh.

 I think I need a vacation, but that's not going to happen, trying to make enough money so Jon can go to his special school next fall. And no sales yet. I'm going to give it til the end of February and if I haven't sold anything I'll go back to work.  It's been nice staying home for the last four months. If you guys have any suggestions on something else I could try to sale I'm all ears!

     I need to get pictures of the girls, Gloria got her hair dyed red and Hailey went blond. Their lucky they have the coloring to have what ever hair color they want. Well I had better get off here and do my homework, fun fun. Until we meet again.......




FoxyMoron said...

Well I think you are beautiful!
And men....sometimes they just don't think before they speak or they think they're being helpful when they really aren't.
This will probably sound crazy given your family situation but have you thought of doing daycare for kids as a job? That way you could still be at home but earn some $$ as well.

FoxyMoron said...

Oh and I forgot, dark circles aren't caused by lack of sleep necessarily, it can just be an hereditary thing, or can be from allergies or too much caffeine.
I have them too, concealer is my best friend!


i think you look 'just right'..ask him if he's the same as he was when you married him..men, can be such assholes..
have you tried melatonin? or valerian root?..I take both..will take melatonin for a couple of weeks and then they tend to not work..so switch over to valerian root for a couple of weeks and switch back to melatonin..it works.