Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!


      Hello my friends, I say that because you are my friends. We don't have to be close physically in order to be friends, I love the way we all support each other, lift each other up when we are down, make each other laugh, cry together when the other is hurting, and the best thing I love is that we except each other for who and what we are. To me all these things mean we are all friends. And from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you all for being here for me, making me feel welcomed and supported.
        Because I truly believe this year is going to be awesome, I believe this year is the year that if there is something you want more than anything else, If you truly believe and then ask, listen to your inner being and take the steps to make it happen it will. No doubting, stop doubting yourself, because you can make whatever it is you want or need possible. Find a friend, tell them your goals, ask them to support you,whatever they may think of it,ask them to lift you up when you get down and start doubting yourself. And light a candle, write on two pieces of paper what your hopes,dreams and goals are. Take one and burn it to send your needs out to the Universe. Take the other get a note book  or a file on your computer, whatever you want, write your goals down again and ideas and thoughts on how you can make these dreams come true. Don't tell anyone who won't support you, you don't need their negative words and actions to seep in and effect you.

        What the mind conceives the heart believes!

        I want to put behind me all the bad things that happened last year, the rape, my son Zach's horrible motorcycle accident, Veronica's breast cancer scare, Jon's mental issues, and Brock's  behavior. I want to remember that we are all blessed to be here and to still be able to love each other.
I'm tired of giving my power away to people and circumstances, I'm taking my power back!

                                            Veronica,my daughter and Justice, my grandson
                                                  Veronica,my daughter, my oldest
                                                          Jaxton, my grandson
                                                     Gloria, my daughter
                                              John,my son-in-law and Jaxton
Brock, my son

Brock, me when I was fat, and Jon
                                                      Justice, my grandson
Rick ,my husband

                                                   Zach,my oldest son

            These are my blessings, and I am grateful!


FoxyMoron said...

What a great idea for our goals for this year, I'm definitely going to do that once I decide once and for all what it is that I truly want (that is realistic!)
Gorgeous kids, and so are you, thanks for sharing those photos.
I'm so glad I'm getting to know you.
And no I could never write an article for your blog as I'm hopeless at gardening which is why I read your blog, to learn!!! I could do something about plants that are native to Australia though.


Goddess bless is what we make it..we can get dealt bad stuff, but it's how we handle it that counts.