Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just Another Day.

      Hello friends hope all of you are keeping warm! It's freezing here with that rain/wet coldness, burrrr. Before I get to far please everyone send prayers and healing out to Logan he is ishityounot's grandson and they just had to ship him off to a hospital kinda far from home, he has a mass growing in his neck, also calmness and hope for his grandma. And her friends son Carter was in a car accident and has many broken bones, so pray for fast healing for him.
       On to good news Dark Mother Goddess is back but as The Hippy Jersey Devil according to Can we Have a New Witch Ours   Melted ( though I couldn't find it I did ask her to put up a link). I'm happy she's back, I love both of their sarcasm and humor, they both say what we're thinking, you know it's true!
        Well I did it, I did something I said I'd never do, yep I bought sweat pants! Normally I wear jeans or yoga pants but I freeze at school and on Wednesday I'm there almost 12 hours and being cold that long wears me out! Jeans and yoga pants aren't warm enough! I'm only going to wear them on Wednesday cause I can handle it the other days. I don't care what I look like there and besides all the other students do it(wow I sound 12)!
        My neck still hurts, but it's better since Loran, from Loran's Heart told me to mix some Lavender with oil and gently rub it on my neck, still by the end of the day aaaw! I hope you all went to her beautiful website the last time I mentioned her. She's a really sweet and wonderfully wise woman.
         So I'm working on a descriptive essay for school and we are not allowed to use the words: I, you, we, your, mine, me basically any words that describe a person. FUN try explaining how something looks,smell,feels,taste or sounds with out those words! Thank goodness I have a week to do it! 
        I hope this blog today didn't bore you to death! By the end of the week my friend Gaelach is going to writing a guest blog on here about these awesome herbal pillows she makes and sells,I'm really excited about it and she is a really sweet girl and I think you'll love her as much as  I do.
       Finally got Gloria an appointment with a Doctor for her IBS, it was hard because no one wants to see someone under 17, crazy! Have to take her to Riley Children's Hospital about an hour and a half away from here. Really. If it helps I'll do anything so she's not in pain and stops bleeding every time she has a BM. Fiber etc isn't working. Can you tell she's my sickly kid? Yet she doesn't look it and hides it so well most Dr's don't believe it. Seriously.
     Well I better hit the books! Until we meet again.........


Leeanna said...

Here's her blog address as you requested.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Thank you Natalie.
When I know anything all of you will hear from me. (((hugs)))Pat


just horrified about Pat's grandson..lighting candles and praying.