Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shit, I'm just not good.

       So today started out as a normal if not freezing day, first get to school and my first class is cancelled, go to next, then third class is cancelled, I was suppose to stay until nine pm but it's sleeting and getting icy and I just didn't feel up to going off the road and into a ditch today, I don't know why just wasn't in the mood for it, especially for a class I'm just not into.
      So I came home did my homework sent it in(no people we no longer turn it into a teacher everything is done on the computer) then I got a call from Glo's shrink and yep she's bi-poler. I guess I was hoping that all her "craziness" from earlier in the year was from the rape. I should have known, if anything could go wrong for my sweet baby girl it will. I know she can still have everything in life, but my heart is broken and I can't stop crying and I don't want to offend anyone it just so much is already wrong with her, it seems she got all the bad DNA. And well I live with a manic-depressive now called bi-poler, it's not easy. And crap she's already twice stop taking her pills and I have to explain/beg/force her to take them again. Just like her dad.
       You know Veronica has a lot of the same things wrong with her. She got RA at 3, she has a lesser case of I.B.S. She has a lot of the same autoimmune disorders, but never have they been this bad. I don't know if Veronica just always seemed stronger,or I just always knew she'd be OK. I just don't remember worrying about her so damn much. And no Veronica isn't bi-poler. Look how beautiful my baby girls are, and I wish if the Universe is doing for a reason she lets us know what the fuck that reason is. Sorry I'm a bummer today. I'm tired and sick.

     The one with both of them is kinda old about 3 years but it's one of my favorites a long one where their both dressed as Angels, Veronica the good angel, Gloria the bad.  Thats all I have today, I was going to put a joke up but it'll have to wait, just not in a jokie mood.


Hermit Witch said...

My heart goes out to you Natalie, when the universe starts flinging crap about it always seems to be the nicest people who get more than their fare share. Take care of yourself through all this. *hugs*

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

You are right! You have beautiful daughters.
You and your hubby gave them some great genes!!!
The DX of bi-polar has nothing to do with either of you.


your daughters are beautiful and so are you...chin up tits out

FoxyMoron said...

OMG your girls are just so gorgeous. We will always worry about our kids, you know that Natalie, but they'll be fine as long as they have their loving mothers. (Oh and we'll always feel guilty about everything too, we may as well get used to it!)