Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life Goes On......and on

  So yep life goes on, you get knocked down, but you gotta get back up again, if for no other reason than your kids, family, friends need you. I will admit that for a little while I thought about taking down my other blogs, that doubt about my own abilities to sell anything and that all the energy and effort was waist of my time. Rick told me not to, at least not right away and see what happens, maybe I'll move it off blogger and onto a real website.

   It's funny how who I thought would be commenting over 'My Love Letter' didn't. And the who I never thought would did. Crazy. I know it was raw and probably hard to read, and maybe I should not have wrote it here, if I made any of you uncomfortable I'm sorry.

   I do want to thank those of you who reached out to try to comfort me, it meant a lot since there really isn't many people I can talk of her about. Maybe I'll do a private blog on her like FoxyMoron did for sweet baby girl. That way Hailey can go there and read and see her mom, it's a thought that will have to wait til I can deal with it.

   I took Gloria to her Doctors appointment today and she's doing really well. Though the Dr. wants me to take her to a Internist about her IBS and bleeding when she has a B.M. And though we've suspected for awhile it's been comfirmed
that Gloria has an Autoimmune disorder, same as Veronica. I got Hailey into the Doctors too, she hadn't had her shots for this year, and she's now signed up for school. Going to the apartment was hard and not going to deal with that mess yet. 
Tomorrow Lawyer and social worker, oh the fun never ends.

   Well I'm done rambling on, oh got some new coffee over on 'A Good Mornings Start' I am excited about it cause I love it and had to beg them to advertise on my little blog.  Until we meet again..........

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if I didn't get back up every time I got knocked down life would be very short for me...
besides I like the look on the face of the ones that thought I was down for the count