Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bridget's Brain Won't Stop/Shut-up

       Hello friends! I am so glad this week is almost over! At least I'm done with school for this week. I had a migraine last night that held on and wouldn't let go til four am. Then had to be in math class at 8:30! I was just not feeling math today but, had to go anyway. After class stopped by the mill and got the dogs(and cats) their shots, worming med, flea dip and dog food, I still give the two palms puppy food, I could stop they are almost two(on valentines day) but Hailey(the dog) is now pregnant so she needs puppy food, the mutt likes it too so he eats his and theirs. Usually at this time of year I don't have to treat the dogs or cats for flea's but we have not had cold weather that lasted more than a day or two. I use some herbs to keep the fleas out of the house and have never had a problem with them but I wish there was something more natural for the dogs and cats. If any of you know of a natural remedy that works let me know.
        Hayley(my girl) is in her room throwing a fit cause Gloria is allowed to go to a free concert with her friends and she is not, well Glo will be sixteen this month(the 29) and Hay is only 14.(not to mention she wasn't invited,these are high schoolers going, not middle) I'm just happy Gloria's finally getting back out there hanging with her friends again. Though I could do with less attitude! Take the good with the bad! Teenagers!
      Yay my money came Tuesday(I get money every three months, no not from the government,I wish! food stamps would be nice) so paid off the lawyers and all the 'extra' bills we've had since K died. And stocked up the freezer again and told Jon and Brock not to give away food without asking me, last time put 300.00 dollars worth of meat in the deep freeze made 3 meals and it was gone because Jon gave some of it to this family who had no food, and so did Brock, sweet big hearted kids but really need to ask me first. Not that I wouldn't of helped them too, just maybe not the whole cow, since we're basically living off just one income. And Jon gave most of his
+clothes and some of Brock and Ricks clothes to them too, Brock was a little upset over that and Rick was only mad about the long sleeved jean shirts he wears under his leathers when he welds, they cost about 50.00 a shirt. But shit really hit the fan when we got our phone bill and it was 500.00 because Jon gave them his cell phone and they ran up the bill, have I ever explained that Jon has no concept of money? Which is why I control his money and we never let him carry around more the ten or twenty. It's not that I don't want him to have whatever he wants or needs, he gets it I promise, but he's so easily conned and as much as I want to believe that people would never use him that just isn't true, even one of Brock's friends was bumming money from him, I put a stop to that. I want him to feel he has some control it just breaks my heart when people take advantage of his innocence. Oh and ya Rick went and got the phone back, it has a tracker system in it in case Jon wonders off and gets lost again, actually all my kids phones now have them in it. Bad parent? Untrusting? Maybe, but you walk in our shoes this last year and come though the fires burnt and still healing, then you can judge. Besides I haven't used it for the younger kids, just Jon so far. I don't know what else to do, I can't keep him locked up,or on a chain, he needs some freedom and I can't watch him 24/7 if you have a better answer just let me know. Not trying to sound bitchy here, sorry if I am. I feel like I'm always having to defend myself when it comes to my children.
         Do any of you ever shop at the stores? I found one that sells pictures of the Eiffel Tower ( and everything Paris. My daughter Veronica, love all things French, so I did a little shopping there for her. I can't wait to see her face! It's not her birthday(November) or anything just wanted to, besides I usually try to get the kids something they need or want when we get these checks.( I will admit my children are all a little spoiled, but Veronica and Zach were both out of the house before I became well enough off to be able to do this so every once in a while I like to spoil them too even if they are all grown up. I also got Jon's first year of his art schooled payed off so that's no longer a worry. I stress about money, and worry if I don't have three months of bill money set aside in savings. Lived to many years pay check to pay check.) I'm rambling a lot today aren't I? Sorry. So any way I just discovered etsy's( so cool) because their usually owned by women and a lot of it they make themselves. I love to see women financially independent. Which is why I started my own business, soon I'll be able to help women become financially independent. Not that I hate men or anything cause I don't, I just think that even in a great marriage each person should have their own money and if something does happen she not stuck in a relationship that not healthy. Shit! I did it again! Off on another subject! I'm so sorry! Unfortunately this is how my brain works, a hundred different thoughts at once, usually I try to control it when I'm writing! And know I don't have ADD, it just me!
         Anyway I did a little shopping on different etsy stores, got a few new crystals from this really beautiful store I got a awesome new amethyst at this one and a few other things, and Creations by Moonlight has some really nice things!
        Well the water is probably warmed up again(it got cold after giving three of the dogs a bath)so I had better go give Rascal his bath, and them give them their yearly shots and worm medicine (don't be jealous that I'm having all the fun!) And I suppose I should feed the kids and do more laundry, the fun never ends here at Natalie's Nut House! Hey any one want a puppies? Should be born this month! Half Palms half Yorkie should be interesting mix! Until we meet again!
P.S. Going to update Maggie Rainbow in a few!


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

;0) I live in a "Nut House" too.
Hi neighbor!
Take pics of the pupe. I love puppies, but right now I can ONLY LOOK. Have three.
P.S. I think....that I would have went to these people that took clothing and food and asked for certain things back. Not all, but some and made them aware of your sons limitations.

FoxyMoron said...

Apple cider vinegar and oats! The vinegar is great, especially if you can get the organic stuff. We put a splash in Max's drinking water and also spray it mixed with water on his belly when he gets irritated by fleas. Also I read the other day to sprinkle oats on the dog's food, but we haven't tried that yet as luckily Max hasn't had problems with fleas yet this Summer. He got flea dermatitis really bad in the old house and the cider vinegar worked miracles and it's supposed to deter the fleas as well.
You had a baby just before me in 1996! My Emily will turn 16 on the first of March.

FoxyMoron said...

I don't know why I said oats, I meant brewers yeast to sprinkle on the dogs' food. Duh!

Elsa Lyons said...

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