Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tired but Happy

       I have to say I'm so tired! But at least I had a lot of fun getting this way! I won't tell you why or how come way to much TMI! And I don't want you to have to have those images in your head! Let's just say a good time was had by both-all night long!
        So far it's been a quiet weekend just being lazy and spending to much money at the etsy's stores! My grandson Justice is here for the weekend and he and I went to the Dollar Store to get some cleaning supplies and he con me(OK ask me and I couldn't say no) for about 35.00 dollars worth of toys and then when we got home we got on the internet and went to Lego' and I ended up spending another 150.00 though he doesn't know about three of the gifts I wish I could be there when he gets it in the mail! I know he'll call me and be all excited!  Can't help but love that child! He's so sweet and good.
        I did another update on Maggie today and convinced Katie to write/talk about her too, poor thing called me crying last night because her neighbor came over and just started screaming at
her because supposedly Katie's dogs got in her yard. And even if they did she didn't need to come screaming and yelling, she needs to act like an adult not some teenager! That's how I knew Katie was at her end, normally Katie doesn't take shit from anyone, she may be tiny(like 85 pounds wet!) but she's tough! She would have told that woman the what for, instead she just went inside and cried. NOT that there's anything wrong with crying, everyone needs the release sometimes, and we all know it really wasn't about that bitch it was just the last straw! Hell we've all been there! I listened to her and then told her to go have a really good cry in the shower(yes that's my answer to needing a good release cry!)
        I try to make you all smile on Sunday's but today I have a few quotes that I love and thought I'd share, then going to go write on  IN MY GARDEN and do my homework, don't forget to stop by Maggie's Rainbow. 



My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Oh My! So much all our lives.
(((hugs)))to all,Pat

FoxyMoron said...

Love the quotes, especially the James Van Praagh one.


I love the quotes..and I think your grandson is very lucky to have you.