Monday, February 27, 2012

Duck! The shit hit the fan!

     Hello friends well the shit hit the fan at my house this weekend, as I told you before Ricks family think they can talk to me any way they want, um no you can't. And lets just say I didn't keep my mouth shut this time!
    It was ugly. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything and just kept the peace like I'm always doing and sweeping it under the rug.
  The thing is I can no longer walk on that rug! Its so lumpy and bumpy that its taking up the whole room.
      Let's just say I aired that rug out good! For years I let people walk over me and treat me like shit but I think that girl is gone now -maybe that's why I lost all that weight!
     Anyway I don't think they'll be asking me to do things for them again for a long time if ever! Fine with me I have enough to do!
      I'm so glad you all liked Sunday's jokes. I didn't even put all of the ones she sent me out, not enough room so I will put the rest out next Sunday.
   Are any of you guys having trouble with Google freezing up or not responding? Swear Sunday took me over two hours to get my blog out because of that.
   I've had that happen on yahoo when it takes me to long to read all my email and have to refresh it but that was crazy ! I was getting very angry, it would just freeze and I had a signal and other sites were fine just Google.
   You nice followers may not want to read this so skip the next few paragraphs, I'm going to be nasty and you innocent people shouldn't have to read this.
      G.F.its not like I'm forcing you to read my blog. Am I coming over to your house and duct taping you to the chair and making you read my blog? Don't think so. And if your that worried that I'm going to hell then pray for me, don't bitch at me. Hey, G.F. tell the devil I said' hi' when you go back from where your from.  Cause I'm done being nice.
    Here's the funny thing, I'm not in a bad mood. I'm really excited about my newest project, I'm feeling better now, Hailey is almost back to normal, my beautiful Grandson is fine(thank you all for the love!), I'm all caught up with my work and I've got everything ready for Gloria's birthday Wednesday. Life is good for now. 
  I am not going to change my email because of this woman I am keeping them(her emails) in case she a physico or something.
   I don't understand why she keeps reading my blog if she doesn't like what I say. Makes no sense to me if I don't like someone's blog I just don't read it. Simple. Why do some people have to make things so complicated?
   Did you notice I redecorated my blog? I know spring is still a ways off I just couldn't wait any longer! I changed IN MY GARDEN too. Did you know I have a thing for picket fences? Yep I love them and plants! 
    Well that's about it going to go do some research for my newest project I'll tell you about it later. Until we meet again..........



My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Good for you...HOORAY for US!

Rachel said...

Good for you for sticking up for yourself! I can totally relate...I had to speak up to my in-laws several times and it has not always been pretty but it felt good to be real and honest.

insomnia said...

People don't like it when we come out from under that rug, do they? I came out from under mine and lost a lot of people and the ones I didn't know would stick around were the ones that stuck.
Bravo, Nat:)

Hen Jen said...

so sorry you have a troll! Yeah, I don't get why people would read the personal blogs of people they have a problem with...

love the picket fence!

FoxyMoron said...

Firstly I love the new header, it's so pretty!
And good on you for sticking it to the inlaws. WTF is wrong with people?
And I too agree, if she doesn't like what you write she can go read somewhere else, there are a gazillion blogs out there for weirdos to read.
I keep meaning to put your gardening blog on my sidebar so I will remember to read it regularly, might go and do that right now!

Geca Franco said...

Hi Natalie! Wow! I'm a little bit shocked hehe. Well you can't blame me after sending me a healing light, I was just not expecting a "burst".

Do you feel good now that you've come out of under the rug? I had almost the same scenario a few years back.

There are readers of mine too who doesn't like what I write but kept visiting... to watch, of course, what I say. I agree with you that we shouldn't make life complicated. If they don't want what they see/read, then go somewhere else.

Anyway, I'm sending you back the love you gave for Geca's Realm.