Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Back End Needs A Sling!

     Hello friends,  I am worn out today so tired not my mind my body. I felt pretty good yesterday but today not so much. I had a meeting, and then a meeting to figure out what to do with Jon to make plans for his future. I still haven't gotten the court date so that I will have power of Attorney over his medical needs.
     I already am for his money- that was easy, medical not easy. And since I had to do that I had Veronica put on there as well, and had our will made so that she gets the kids if I should keel over. There some advantages of having 12 years between the first and forth kid.
     Tomorrow is Gloria's birthday, sixteen, time flies, I worry about her cause Veronica says she doesn't take her medicine(Zoloft) the way she should. I'm going to have to take that over too I think and that's not going to be pretty. Down right ugly really. Teens with chemical imbalances are something like forty to fifty percent more likely to comment suicide than the average teen. That's so damn scary to me.
      Do you ever have one of those days that seems that the harder you try the less that seems to get done? What is up with that?
       Veronica's mad at me cause I haven't asked for her help. I should, I know she would. I'm just so use to doing everything on my own,  I've always done it before on my own, cause as much as I love my husband he has never been able to deal with to much shit so I do it. Why is this time so different?
       She's my daughter, she shouldn't have to help me. I don't even know what she could do to help. I need a wife/maid to do all the housework (with no pay or sex), a taxi to take the brats every where, and another me so I can work and go to school at the same time, oh and a Doctor to make house calls, ya and a secretary too. Long hours, lousy pay and teens with attitude. Doesn't that sound like a fun job!?
       You know what? These are the good old days! Some day, in like twenty years, when I forget how hard this time was I'm going to look back and miss all of this. Teen year's Now that's a lie, I will not miss the bratty teen years!

   Call me a bad mother or whatever you want you know I speak the truth! Teens are rarely fun, their selfish, know it all, need to move out while they do,self centered,hormonal, can't remember what you said three minuets ago, but just knows you love the other kid more BRATS!!! Even my daughter Veronica who I use to think was near perfect-no just sneakier! And they lie. One second want to be babied and the next it's why can't I walk into town at midnight I'm not a baby!
     OK that even made me laugh and I so needed it! Did anyone have trouble with Blogger today? I got on and my pictures on the header's were gone! On both sites!  And it kept saying I had the wrong URL, I did not. Finally got it to work by downloading Google Chrome! It works on Yahoo but not Firefox. So anyone? Please say it wasn't just me! I think I have gremlins! Not that I care about using Google Chrome today during a test Firefox kept sending pop ups even after I blocked them. And Sunday freezing up-don't they know we have choices so they had better start kissing our asses if they want to keep us!
     Yesterday I got my sign from the Universe that I should go ahead and get started on my project--yes I did! This is what it looked like.

What you thought I was lying? I see how you are! Well I guess I'll go do some more homework! Until we meet again.............

My Path may be twisted and never straight, I'm on the right road.

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