Friday, February 17, 2012

      Hello friends, it's been a pretty good day today, I think I'm feeling better. I diffidently how more energy so maybe the vitamins are starting to work.
       I found my camera today! So excited, I thought I lost it at one of Gloria's cheer leading  event's or in Ricks car but he said it wasn't there but it was! In the compartment you keep the jumper cables! How it got there I have no Idea! I even figured out how to download them on to my computer! Yay for me. There are some pictures of Gloria before the incident(I wonder if I'm always going to think like that? Before/after the rape) she looks so innocent and I so fat! Damn from that to 130 pounds, yes I know still not model skinny but for me yep!

8th grade

After Major competition in Indianapolis

Fat woman!
     If I remember right I had gotten home work like ten minuets before we had to leave which explains the bad hair, but damn did I never look in a mirror? How did I become so fat? I was probably a size 18 then. Now a ten. The woman one the left seating above in black is my friend Angie. And the second picture of Gloria the one were she's in black you can tell she's in pain it was before we found out she had Arthritis I was still taking her from Doctor to Doctor. I don't know why some of the turned out and some didn't. I also found pictures of Jon which are rare he hates getting his picture taken.

        He had let his brother talk him into cutting off his hair, this was two years ago, we were at my brothers for a party, you can see Justice (with hat, and niece Becca) And I found a picture of Hayley before she started dressing in black.
      So Hayley came home from school upset and crying because her friend has been talking and making fun her behind her back(about her mother). I just hate that! Why do teen girls have to be so mean and ugly? As if the poor thing doesn't have enough pain in her life! So her and Gloria put this on face book about the girl and I was going to get upset about it but then I saw them smiling and laughing, and thought to myself the girl deserved worse!

        That's what I tell my kids, that what you hate about others is really what you hate about yourself! It's true you know. Unfortunately most people don't learn that until their much older.
         Anyway on In My Garden  I wrote about how we can save our friends the Bees cause they really need our help people were losing them more and more and even you who don't have yards I told you how you can help too so no excuses!
          I found this great blog where you can go and confess anything that you feel about motherhood or your husband, say when you want to get it out but don't want anyone to know you said it. And no will know its you! It's called Scary Mommy  Kinda cool.
        Hey on the left side of my blog is a place where you can vote for my blog so please do. And since I don't want to leave this on a bad/sad/begging note I leave you with a wise word and a joke from some smart feline's! Have a good weekend, see you Sunday for our funny's! Until we meet again!


Rachel said...

You are right, teenagers can be so mean! It seems to be even worse with girls.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you did and I am following you back! :)

JohnC said...

Usually my daughters had the issue with peer hate than my sons. Typical teen stuff, they outgrew the dorks and moved on to healthier relationships.

Lovin' the bottom kitten mashup. Real cute, and welcome to Fuelmyblog. :)

Hibiscus House said...

Hi I am following you back!

Anna Smith said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by and following, have followed back. Love the kitty porn! :)

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junglemum83 said...

hi i am following you back love your blog :)


I'm telling you there is nothing more vicious than a teenage sad..

witha said...

Teenage girls nowadays.. sigh* Btw, I'm your new follower on Linky. I'd love if you follow me back :D

Witha @

Julie said...

Visting from the GtKY blog. I tell my kids the same things. When someone is being mean it is because they feel bad about themselves!