Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And It's Only Tuesday!

      Hello friends, today has been a crazy day! I had to take Hailey to the vet so they could make sure she was alright and since I was   going anyway figured I'd take my cat since he's crying all the time and has the runs, I mean really whats one more?
       I must have been out of my head! I don't don't know what the hell I was thinking, this was not one of the times I should have been trying to kill two birds with one stone! Geez.
      And have I mentioned Hailey has started biting any one that comes within two feet of me? She bit the Doctor, and his assistant,Brock and she bit Rick when he tried to kiss me goodbye. Twice. (OK that was kinda funny)
     What is up with that?
      So after being at the Vets for 3 HOURS!!!! I finally get home to find that Teddy chewed up a pillow. WTF? He has never done anything like that before. I don't know what is up with these animals today, is there going to be a full moon tonight?
       I did a compliment from another student today he said " your not bad looking for an old woman" Really?
       I don't know what he's talking about. Inside I feel 15 and that someone is playing a practical joke on me!
       Seriously how did I get here with so many kids? They out number us three to one, if they decided to they could take us over! I'm not kidding, at least until they got hungry!
       I got an A on my writing assignment that possession don't make you happy, and neither can other people. That only you can make yourself happy.
     Happiness is a choice you make, you can choose to be happy and look for the good in things or be miserable and only see the bad things in this world.
     Now I am not saying to be a Polly Anna. I can't handle them, they make my teeth hurt. I'm not saying don't face reality, just don't expect the world to make you happy.
     I have been blog hopping, I have found some really good blogs. I have also come across some that only talk about their kids, as if they aren't really people with lives of their own,  they begin and end with their kids.
      I'm not judging just wondering what the hell their going to do when the kids grow up and they realize they have no life of their own.
      I have also come across some ugly, judgmental blogs. Who do they think they are to say that what they believe is the only right way? Or worse I came a crossed a Christian saying that women who have abortions and their Doctors should be killed. Really?Is that what their God believes? Hum, scary!
       Why do people feel like they need to tell everyone else how to live? I feel that people who try to force their beliefs on you or that are in your face about their beliefs are really afraid that they are wrong and want you to go a long with them so they won't have to be a lone if in fact they are wrong.
        I honestly believe that the best way to show your beliefs, whatever they may be, is to live them. Words are easy, any one can say anything, actions speak louder than words. The way you act, the way you show your love to your fellow human beings, says more about your beliefs than your words ever could.
        You don't have to agree with how other people choose to live their lives to still show them kindness and respect. As the kids say "Hate the game not the player". Hehe.

       And on that note I will say this is all just my opinion, and you know what they say about those. Until we meet again..........


Kim Brison said...

New follower from the hop, following you on GFC and Linky. Have a great afternoon...and btw...someone at Costco thought my husband was my son not too long ago...nice. -Kim http://bbunchmama.blogspot.com

FoxyMoron said...

Well said Nat!
Pollyanna bloggers annoy me too, nobody has a perfect life. Also people who try to be "oh so clever" with their writing. I love blogs about ordinary people with ordinary (and sometimes not so ordinary) lives.

insomnia said...

As I get older I realize that happiness grows within. Love the pic of the tee shirt. Jill

Hen Jen said...

Hi Natalie,

I hope your dog and cat are better! Yeah, too perfect on a blog makes my teeth hurt. But, I struggle with how much to share, I don't want to overshare and hurt my kids, kwim?

I love the twitter bird on your blog that flies!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a crazy day girl! Hope you find the time for some R&R sometime soon! :)

JonC said...


Jonnique said...

Very eventful day!!!New follower from Wednesday Blog Hop!!

Susi said...

3 hours at the vet sounds expensive :(
I totally agree with you about certain mommy bloggers, I also wonder don't they have an identity of their own? I also wonder the same thing about those who call themselves "military wives" or that "I'm a wife and mom". Are they not Lisa or Anna or whatever, are they just wives and moms? I don't think that's good in the long run.
The abortion thing sounds terrible!!!! It's just awful how some people who call themselves Christians express themselves sometimes..
Hope you have a nice day and thanks for writing a REAL blog!

Renee Sullivan said...

I feel that blogging is about building relationships. In order to do that, it's good to write as though you're having a conversation with someone. That's hard to do if you're "too Pollyanna" or only write about what your kids are doing, so I agree with what you were saying.

Just be aware that there are different types of blogs...not everyone just writes about themselves or their families.

My blog is quite different than yours. I focus on specific health related topics and might bring in a personal story if it's appropriate.
My pace is 1 or 2 posts a month because that works for me.

Not one kind is better than the other..they are just different.

Have a great tomorrow-since today is almost over!!!