Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beautiful Day for Bridget

      Hello friend, it was so beautiful outside today, the sun was shining and almost 70 degree's, Sunday it snowed! this weather here is crazy! It was so pretty I went outside and sat in my spot and just chilled. It's to wet to walk in the woods. I was sitting out there and trying to send some healing love and thoughts to the Grandmother in the town where the tornado went though remember the picture I posted?
     Well apparently a mom, dad and three children under three where in that car that was picked up and dropped ten miles down the road. The only survivor was the two year old, and she died Saturday. So that poor woman lost her daughter(21) and her son in law (20) and all three of her grandchildren. I just can't imagine the pain she's going through. They didn't tell us her name.
      It was so pretty today I just felt or wanted to feel like everything was going to be good, how could it not on such a glorious day?
     Ya right this is my life we're talking about. Brock woke up sick and I got a text from Gloria to come to the school. A boy took her compass and she took it back and I guess he didn't like that(he's a new kid) he got in her face and started  yelling and cussing. She turned her back on him and walked away. The teacher sent them both to the principles office.
    She called me to soon cause she wasn't in trouble, but not until I got there did I find that out! She's at a Spelling Bowl now, she won't admit it but she's so proud of herself, I'm so proud of her too.
     OK I know that to most of you this won't mean anything but to the few who have been here since the beginning and know what she's gone through this will.
     Gloria's got a boyfriend! It's Kyle, her once friend that stood by her while she went through hell and was mean to all of us, he took it, he let her say anything. He was always understanding of her and made excuses for her behavior. I got pictures!

       OK not the worlds best pictures. And I know their young, I'm excited cause I think this means she's getting better. Starting to trust again, to feel. I was so afraid she would never trust again.
        So we just celebrated Imbolic on last Wednesday and according to legends if it's nice out Bridget wakes up and get's more wood and winter last until the wood runs out. Here it was 70's. I really hope she gets up and enjoys the sunshine. I was glad it was nice last Wednesday for Gloria's birthday but I'm over the weather here. Everyone getting sick cause one day nice the next day freezi
     I told you Brock is sick, normally his eyes are grey but when he's sick their like this blue-green color-so beautiful. You can't really see it, I wish you could.
     My this blog was boring today! Sorry it was a pretty good day! I passed my midterm in math, three more test Thursday. The day was pretty, and I think I got all the bugs out of Woman to Woman and there's twelve of us now, hopefully more soon.
      Just remember there's no shame in needing someone to talk to, and even if your life is "perfect" having a group of women around you is always good.


              Until we meet again..............



My daughter has strawberry blonde hair..when she's mad or running a temperature her hair turns fire engine red..really strange.

FoxyMoron said...

That is so weird you two, about Brock's eyes and Jackie's daughter, I have never heard that. I know Phill's eyes change colour depending on what he is wearing but eyes and hair changing colour when they're sick (or angry) is amazing.
Nat, nature can be so cruel can't it? Re the tornado, so sad about that family.

SugarMama said...

Hi Natalie! Thanks for the invite to stop by.
I certainly hope everyone starts feeling better soon, it's very stressful to have anyone sick, never mind a houseful!

Following you!