Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Day in My Life

        Hello friends,  I had tests all morning! Why does that wear me out so, maybe it just proves I need to use my brain more! So as a reward I went to Wal-Mart and got cleaning supplies it's time to do spring cleaning! Fun, well not fun but it feels good when it's all done and shiny clean-at least until the kids get home!
       I had to make Doctors appointments, Brock is really sick and Gloria came home from school saying she was having a hard time breathing, we did a breathing treatment on her and she's in bed resting but I can hear it coming, funny how that is that I know it(her being sick) before it gets bad. Veronica is sick too, hers like Brock are head colds. Problem with Gloria is she can go from just not feeling good to we're in the hospital again like a flash.
       I was reading a blog today-yes during English- and the blogger was talking about feeling guilty about passing down her Bipolar to her daughter. I tried to make her feel better, I hope I succeeded. I understand how she feels, I understand guilt, believe me I do.
       I have had my share: over both my girls having Arthritis, Gloria's having that and I.B.S, and Asthma, and everything she's had to go through, hell twenty years ago when we found out about Jon's Autism/Asperger's it
was assumed it was the mother's fault.
      This is what I've come to realize in my old age: guilt gets you no where, and it doesn't fix anything. After all would I not have had them if I knew in advance that they would be born this way? I don't honestly know, I do know that every single person has a purpose in this life/world we just have to figure out what that purpose is, that's the hard part. Maybe that's what friends and family are for, to help you see yourself as they see you.

      I had someone leave me a message about Woman to Woman and she said she had belonged to a group like that before where it ended up becoming very catty and with a bunch of know it all. I will not let that happen, I will be the first to admit I don't know it all. I'm not afraid to ask for help and I would never ever put up with know it all or cattiness( is that a word? Is now I guess).
     Thats one of the reasons I have FoxyMoron, YellowDog Granny and Intricate Knott there helping me too, I can't always be there and I don't want any one to feel alone--Also if they see me fuck up or not acting the way I should they will let me know and not nicely either!
     I hope that's reassuring to you. Also I have it so that any one on the forum can get a hold of me if they need to and for the most part it's you the member's who start the topic's to talk about. Well I better go take care of my sick kids. Until we meet again........




FoxyMoron said...

Hope everyone feels better soon Nat, poor babies.
Yes I've seen online groups of women become very nasty, which is why I pulled back for many years and didn't get involved.
We won't let that happen to W2W though!

Intricate Knot said...

Right on, Lady! Guilt does nothing for any of us and certainly doesn't help our family and friends. I struggle with it at times, but I know it's just a bunch of BS!

Hope all your family get well soon. xo

As for Woman to Woman, there are a great bunch of ladies joined so far and I don't believe any of us are going to let it degrade into pettiness. I also wanted to let you know how much appreciate you entrusting me with a moderator position. Thanks, Natalie!

Jill Wellington said...

Natalie, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. The photo in your header is just gorgeous! LOVE IT! Looks like you have a wonderful blog.


guilt is a wasted your best..that's all anyone including your kids should expect.