Friday, March 9, 2012

Rude people!

        Hello friends, OK I can admit, I'm not always a nice person, I'm not always tact, I will tell it like I see it weather you like it or not and yes I can be a bitch, back me into a corner and I'm down right mean. But never ever am I mean to waitresses(and not just cause I've been one), or gas station attendants or any other job like that.
      Cause lets face it there not the funnest jobs to start with, they have no control over the rules, usually hard work for little pay, AND they have to deal with assholes all day. 
       Today this woman was yelling at the poor girl behind the cash register, and why? Because of the GAS prices! Seriously! As if this poorly paid girl has anything to do with that! Really! Oh I'm wrong, yes she put the price up on the board! The price she's told to put!
Really did that woman really think that girl wants the prices that high? Honest to SHIT I almost hit her, I Did tell her to be quiet-OK I told her to SHUT-UP and leave that poor girl a lone.
        It just makes me so angry when people are mean to people, let alone that girl-as if she could defend herself and not lose her job. crazy bitchy woman.
        Ya you guessed I'm not in the best moods today, between test, and getting taxes finally one I'm just in a bitchy mood- I should probably stay off here when I feel this way! I won't even tell you what an ASSHOLE my husband has been today, make a comment about me being on the computer to much- well ya dumb-ass my job is on here, my school is on here- its not like I'm on here playing games! 
      Bitchy much huh?(deep breath) maybe if he would take some of the responsibilities off my shoulders and do it- and don't say your going to do something if your not. I understand that everyone forgets shit but not every day. We can't all go runny away to mom mys when shit gets hard or the kids will be raising themselves.
     So I took off my human verification on here and had no problems for the most part, I also had it so you could be anonymous but had to take that off, not because of spam but because someone keeps leaving sex shit on there-gross. As if anyone would think its a turn on to be talked dirty to by someone you don't even know. What they though I'd get excited and text them back saying "Oh ya baby let's meet" Really?

  I should get off here before I piss you all off with my attitude! I will work on getting my niceness back before we meet again.....


insomnia said...

We all have days like that and we all run into ass hats like that too. Good got you for Sayin something when the girl probably couldn't as an employee.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

You bitchy? I don't believe it.;0)

FoxyMoron said...

Yay you for sticking up for that poor girl.
And you can be in a bad mood here, we all have 'em.
Men huh? Can't live with em, can't shoot em.
I have every comment emailed to me for approval and I never get any troublesome ones.

WeEmpowerU said...

Don't hold it in...let it out...Tell us How You Really Feel?!?! Bahahaha...Don't Sweat the small stuff...Kudo's to you...for putting up for the poor gal when because of fear of losing her job, she probably held her tongue...when she more than likely wanted to pour the gasoline over that heifer's head...and then light a cigarette! You were not being are being real...need more people out there doing the same...might make the ass holes think twice before showing theirs!
Tamatha (Tami) Burrus
WeEmpowerU A.S.A.P. Admin.