Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Pills or a Spell?

    Hello friends! It's another day and I'm in a good mood again! Alright which one of you slipped me the happy pills or put a spell on me! Kidding. 
  I honestly think it's because of the forum. It was something I have wanted to do and I did it! 
   I didn't chicken out! That's major for me though if I know you and on here where you can't see me I can be as open as I want, but put me in a crowd (that I don't know) and I'm the one in the back trying not to be noticed.
    I sent out my first mass email for my forum lady's so if you belong check your emails both on the forum and in your regular email and get back to me with your vote and thoughts.
     I know we're still a small group but I feel like w're going to grow. Maybe I'm just dreaming. 
   All of you who belong try spreading the word for me, both on and off line. Don't do it if it makes you uncomfortable.
    It was another perfect day here, except it poured rain for like ten minuets, just enough to get everything wet so I can't work on the yard anymore! 
   I don't care it was still a perfect day any day is that you don't have to have the heat or a/c on! I hate those Electric bills don't you?
     So what do you think about my new decorating job on my blog? I know I know I change it alot, I was just sick of the flowers. 
    And even though I love my flowers all that pretty girlishness was making me sick!
     I'm not really a girly girl. Don't get me wrong I love my make-up, hair done and nails too, I'm just not into dresses and crap, can't stand panty hose!
  The last one made me laugh for like ten minuets! Not Rick though he said he thinks I might really be able to do that--hide a body that is, which just made me laugh even harder.
    And the first one reminded me of YellowDog Granny!
    OK going into Oma mode, I have to show you my newest pictures of Jaxton.
he's watching cars the movie
 Well I'm off here to do my homework, work and to find free advertising for Woman to Woman. Until we meet again......


Anonymous said...

I like it! But could you please make the content text light? Or is it just me who sees black text against a dark blue background? I'm sorry:( I like it that you're not the girly girl, I don't think I am either.

Camoprincess1986 said...

Newest Follower :)Please follow back :)

FoxyMoron said...

Love the photo and video of Jaxton, especially the video it made me smile from ear to ear and reminded me that I get to see my little grandboy in just one week from today! Aren't we lucky Nat?
I like the new decor, change is good.

Anna Smith said...

Check him go on that swing! Love the new pic, been thinking of making my blog less outrageous, but I change my mind so often, it's annoying lol. How do I join your forum? Is there a link or page or something that I am just to blind and dumbass to see?!? :)