Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy, Happy, Joy---joking!

        Hello friends, wow another beautiful day! The only thing marring this day was those I don't know what their called they come of the buds on the tree's and get every where!
     I am so tired but so excited! I added another blog to my resume! I know but here's what happened: Yesterday I was looking for a new forum cause the one were using works but doesn't have a lot of good features, okay none really.

    So I found one and then I was told had to register my forums name--OK yes I screwed up here--the name was taken two days before! 
     So I can still use it just can't get a domain in that name, so I was trying to think of a name that I liked as well and there it was! Thanks to Susi, she had put it under the title on the forum, its awesome!
     What is it you ask? Its:
     Women Supporting Women   TaDah! Well what do you think?

     Now for the reason I did another blog. I look around for advertising! Expensive and I wasn't willing to sell my soul to Google for their prices, and then I thought if I make a blog it would do at least two things 1.) I could put it in blog hops and all the different forums that advertise blogs for free, 
 (FREE) and 2.) I could talk about the forum-not what we say and do in there Las Vegas  remember--but about our core beliefs in everybody's rights.
       And I thought (maybe) you all could write some articles too. So what do you think?  Here's the URL  And don't worry my normal bitchy self will be back--Ricks been off for two days and he's driving me crazy! Let me know what you think about all this. Until we meet again........                   


Anonymous said...

That's a good idea for advertising.


I like the name very much.