Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is Here! Get your Allergy Medicine out!

     Hello friends, it's another beautiful day here. Spring is early! Hopefully this holds out til Easter! When my whole family gets together we take up a lot of room so going outside is important!
   My yard is coming alive! The crocuses are up, daffodils, trees are blooming and my favorite spring plant Peony's are already a foot high! I just wished they bloomed longer! The last few years we've had horrible storms that blow all the petals off. You should see me out there cutting them to bring into the house before the storm comes-funny I tell you!
I just love the way the smell up the whole house.
   Do any of you ever go though your Facebook and delete people? I have been only because it's become one big ad, I don't mind people telling about what their doing I just don't like when all it is, is one big ad over and over again.
    That and when they treat it like Twitter "I'm doing dishes now" "I'm going to the store" or when their suppose to be on a date with their husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend etc and their telling us what their doing during the date. First that's rude to the person their with and second who the hell cares? Tell us afterwards if it's that great. I got so tired of it last night I wrote "going to the bathroom.....now I'm wiping" Childish? Maybe but so what, I'm tired of it.
    Also you know I care about you all, I really appreciate my followers-and I know I've said this before, I will not follow you back if you write on my comments "I followed you now follow me" 
    First of all again that's RUDE and second if I take the time to read two to three(sometimes more)of your blog post you could at least read one of mine. I don't think this is asking to much.
    So Gloria and her cheer squad did a performance and it was so good! I was so proud. They also got their letters for their letter jackets. Here's a picture, Jill just close your eyes.

Gloria is in the back row second from right.

And here she is on top, I need a better camera to get her flying, they come out blurry.
    Ya I know some people hate it when you put pictures up but you what I don't care this is my blog. I like seeing people's pictures I want to know more about your lives, or else why would I read your blogs?
       I was wondering also if any of you would be willing to put the Women Supporting Women button on your blog? Or the Woman to Woman's button. Even if you don't feel like you need support or a place to talk privately and help other women maybe you could put it up so other women who do need it can find it? I would be honored and I would so appreciate it.



   It would mean a lot to me, if you do will you please let me know? I would love to put your button up on my blogs too.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I'm like a kid with their nose pressed against a bakery window. Everywhere I look and walk, I see gorgeous color. Plants and bushes of every kind in bloom. That means....I'm IN FLORIDA! ;0)

FoxyMoron said...

Beautiful here too although we're on the other end of the season spectrum.
I closed down my Facebook page, a very shallow way of communicating.


I need to cut back on some of the blogs I read..I have over 50 and while I know a lot of people read and dont' comment..I always read theirs and comment, so they will know I'm there..and facebook..I just don't delete them I just dont show their feed..easier..

Rachel said...

I do the same thing with deleting "friends" from facebook. In fact I went from having 500 some people to only having 40...ha, a total wipe out. Now I do have a business page seperate from my personal one and that has more contacts.but I have to say that only having my closest friends on my personal account has been great. I enjoyit much more. :)

insomnia said...

Your daughter is beautiful and looks just like you:) I didn't close my eyes!