Thursday, March 1, 2012

Woman to Woman

      Hello friends, I kinda feel sorry for you all today cause my brain is doing a hundred miles a hour! I'm so excited I could just pee my pants! I can't remember if I told all of you but back in January when I told you I don't believe in New Year's resolutions, but I think goals are good cause they give you something to work towards.
     One of my goals was to start an online support group for women. And I did it! Last night I set it up, and it's up and running. I did it! Last August all I had ever done on a computer was play solitaire and now I've built a community! Sorry, I sound crazy, and I know you won't understand, but for me to go beyond my own fears and put myself out there is big!
       OK so this support group isn't just for one thing, it's to support a woman in any way she might need. Even if all that is is someone to listen to her and validate her feelings. It's private, so no one outside of us will ever hear what you say or feel. No worry's about your boyfriend, husband etc. finding out because it's password safe!
       Am I making any sense here at all? I hope I'm explaining it right. I figured if enough women join than no mater what problem someone has one of us has probably been though it before too and that person would hopefully show compassion to the other. Oh and it's free. The last thing you need when your down or just needing to talk is having to come up with money.
       You don't have to be down in the dumps or going though something horrible to join. You could just want to make friends or whatever as long as your not coming there to cause harm. It's a circle, kinda, just women coming together to share their lives and support each other-in the old days they had sewing circles. They supported each other. Sometimes you have things inside of you and for
whatever reasons you can't, or don't want to tell your friends and family. That's what were here for too.
    Every person alive has the need to be listened to, to be acknowledge, to be accepted, to be told sincerely that they mater, that they count, that they are important.
     That's what I want for this group. Now don't get me wrong, you know me, I don't want a phony fake place--cause you know I'll still say what I think and feel.  To much sweetness will make me sick
     You know I hate rules, I have been a rebel my whole life, yet we have to have a few. No name calling, no putting down anyone else's beliefs, no selling your products--if you made something and you want to share that's OK.
      If we all go by that saying "Accept me as I am, so I can learn what I can become" 
I guess that's it except to give you the URL the name is Woman to Woman 

You don't have to give your real name- use a made up one, as soon as I can figure out what kind of logo goes with this I will be putting on the header there and making buttons. I hope to hear your thoughts on this. Until we meet again;;;;;;;;

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