Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hump Day, Getting Humped!

    Hello friends, well yesterday I didn't want to work-honestly I think it was because no water meant no shower and I have a morning routine that I do everyday! Well at least days that I have work and homework!
     Ya I know, I should break out of routines but I like them-at least when it comes to work-it gets me ready to face the work day, and lets my mind and body know it's time to get busy!
    I started off well, and then Gloria woke up and Jon and I swear their trying(hard) to mess up my days! Can't they wait til three or so to get attention? Is that to much to ask? Apparently so! Gloria had no fever last night so back to school tomorrow she goes!
   How many of you have a morning routine? It's weird how we get into a rut using the same shampoo, deodorant, make up etc. But there are things I have to do each morning or I feel like I can't function. I need a shower, I need my coffee, make my bed, open the window for a little bit(if its cold I open it too) to let the bad whatever out from the night before. I think it's important to have a routine when you work at home, IDK maybe that's just my weirdness! 
   OK have you seen that commercial for the machine to do your mail from your desk so that you don't have to go to the post office? 
   That man say's "There's nothing worse than standing in line at the post office!"  Hum yes there is! What kind of perfect life does he have that the WORSE thing is to stand in line at the post office? I want his life! Or the person who wrote the commercial! Seriously.
     I went out to get my mail this morning and my neighbors dog was sitting on my porch-fine I have no problem with that, I love animals. This dog however had decided that my porch was his to guard from me! I couldn't get out. I called my neighbor and  asked him to please come get his dog. Well apparently he felt like he needed to go on the offense. 
    Look I wasn't being bitchy(really I wasn't) I was just wanting to go out my front door. Really. I didn't think that was asking to much. But if he wants to play who's the biggest bitch is I can play too. (I really could use the outlet to burn some anger off.)
    Thanks YDG it fit perfectly for what my day has been like!
    My break is over back to work I go! Until we meet again!

P.S. For some reason my link isn't showing when new post are wrote for Women Supporting Women. I don't know why.



years ago 2 of my dogs got out and decided to guard my neighbors porch from the mail I know how you felt..

Intricate Knot said...

I want the life of that guy in the post office commercial, too! I see stuff like that all the time and I'm just like, WHATEVER!!!!

I don't understand why people in the WRONG (like your neighbor with his dog) feel the need to throw-up their BS all over other people. Hah! I'm in a mood today myself, Natalie! Enjoyed your post, as always xo