Friday, April 13, 2012


   Hello friends, this week has been crazy! And good! The first good news is Gloria is all better from this latest bug, but her arthritis Dr called today and said her blood work came back and I need to get her into her regular Dr. and have some blood work done her white cells are a little to high and she's anemic again. This poor kid. It never ends. You know?
   I refuse to think any negative thoughts about this, not going to worry until I have to. It's was done a week before she got sick so it was probably that. I'm not going to worry about this until I need to (yes I know I said that already!)
     In my business life everything is going really, really well, so that's good! I am learning more and more every day!
     So this next two weeks I'm going to be really busy, between work and finals (yuck) I'm going to try and write here at least every other day, or late at night when I can't sleep from being stressed out! 
    Why is it that when really good things happen to me my first instinct is to cover my head and wait for the other shoe to fall? Why can't I just be excited and say  " Ya look at what all my hard work has brought!"?
     Oh and this pretty much sums up my marriage right now!

    That's about it for now sorry so short! Until we meet again.......



insomnia said...

I'm the same way.always waiting for the other shoe to drop.or I make it drop all by myself.

insomnia said...

Glad Gloria is better and you had a good week!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

You do....what you gotta do....4 U!

Ur friends will understand !


Kathryn said...

Glad she is better! new follower from the blog hop, would love a follow back

Anna Smith said...

Hey hun that's great news. Not had a chance to catch up, have been so busy, will hopefully pop over to the forum later. And thank you for you're very lovely comment on my blog the other day, has made my week, you're an angel! :)


hope she's going to have continued good health.