Monday, April 30, 2012

No Violence Today-Probably

  Hello friends, I should say I'm sorry for yesterday's blog, but I'm not so that would be a lie-and I never lie to you, or myself.  Hell what would be the point of lying? 
  I am a bit calmer today unless I think about it to much, typical I guess.
  In case no noticed I deleted my Support for Women blog, I just need to simplify my life some and even though about deleting my gardening blog but haven't cause I really enjoy doing it, and really need to make it more of a priority than I have.
   On the home front I found this really cool website that should make it easier on myself teaching the kids during the summer-yes I'm one of those mom's that make their kids do school work during the summer so they won't forget what they've learned and because I want my kids to be above average.
   Here's the link: it goes from preschool through high school, it's free and you can print off the work sheets if you want.
    And to the woman who left me a please follow her message-you didn't read my blog that day, or you did and didn't care either way it wasn't an appropriate time to ask me so no I won't follow you back.
  Isn't this the truth? I just don't understand why anyone thinks putting others down makes them look good, smart, or better than the one their putting down.
   I try never ever to do that-though I sometimes wish I would have about my ex but I didn't and when the oldest grew up they saw for themselves.

 Ya I know it doesn't fit in with what I was saying but I thought it was funny, so I put it up! Until we meet again.....


FoxyMoron said...

Go you Natalie! I saw that comment too and thought it wasn't too good.
Sorry I haven't been around W2W much, I'm still unpacking!!

Anna Smith said...

Howdy, sounds like you've had a rough few days? Will read your earlier posts and catch up. I did a lil shout out for your blog and forum the other day, hopefully it will get you some newbies. As for scary movies, the best part is always when the door or open window is right there, but they choose to run up the stairs instead. haha dumbasses! :)

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

WELL SAID!!! I shit you not! (((hugs)))Pat


I hope you are feeling better..I think you are too hard on yourself..I think your pretty remarkable.