Monday, April 16, 2012

THIS is so NOT Parenthood!

       Hello friends I hope you had a better weekend than I did. Drama! I hate drama, but more than that I can't stand parents who disown their children because those said kids aren't what they want them to be.
    One of Brock's friends who is a whooping fourteen years old thinks he's gay or bi, so his father kicked him out of his home. Really. 
    First I'm not even sure anyone knows what they are at fourteen but even if he is SO FUCKING WHAT?!! Does it really matter? I have known this kid since he was three, I love this sweet, honest, dependable child. So yep I took him in.
    What else could I do? Turn him over to the courts? Let him live on the streets? Really? What would YOU have done? He's here all the time anyway. Now I have to make it legal but shit whats new?

       So we took a vote on weather Matthew could move in here, cause let's face it another kid means more sharing etc. They all voted for him to stay, not one said no, Gloria said that all she cares about is him staying out of her room(she says that about everyone). I'm really proud of my children.
    I guess I better get off here and make some more money! Until we meet again.....


insomnia said...

Have you talked with his parents? I think it's great you took him in. Very kind of you and your family. I would have probably done the same.

FoxyMoron said...

What is WRONG with some people? God, how brave for that young man to admit how he's feeling and what an idiot his father is.
You should be so proud of your kids, you've done a great job with them. You're going to need a house with elastic walls soon Natalie!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

To my knowledge...there are laws about closing your door to your kids when they are minors.
That SOB should be turned in.
One can't just rid themselves of their minor children in that fashion!
Your heart is in the right place.
Wish you and this young man well! (((hugs)))Pat


those people need therapy..and my blessings to you and your family for being and doing the right thing..